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How to choose a coat-type figure

What could be more luxurious of the woman in the fur coat? Only a woman in a perfectly tailored coat. Even if the product looks perfect on the hanger, not the fact that it will look the same. And there is no cost coat, nor the most rare and unique fur will not help. How to avoid fashion mistakes and learn how to choose a coat to fit your type of figure?

The figure of type “Apple”

Avoid voluminous and miniature models: they will visually add a few pounds.

If you have a figure of this type, then you need to visually highlight the waist. To do this, choose a model with a waist, whether with a wide or thin. If you love the rich decor, we focus on models with small but contrasting collar. The most suitable fur for such a figure — Persian lamb or mink. Ideally, the coat should cover the knees.

To this model, and most importantly, to your body type the perfect companion — it’s shoes on a small steady heel or wedge and a small bag (but not clutch) on a short handle or crossbody. Avoid voluminous and miniature models: they will visually add a few pounds.

The figure of the “pear”

To visually balance your figure and highlight need for top coat. This will help you a large hood and high collar. Look great on ladies with type figure “pear” coat with the smell, but with wide lapels. For you coats fitted silhouette and Maxi length is the perfect solution. Mini is also not contraindicated, but the average length should be abandoned. It is better to choose models with short fur, but you can experiment with colors, for example, under leopard.

When choosing a bag for this type of figure is the main thing that it was hanging on a long strap is not at the level of the widest part of the hips. Better let it be above or below. Bright unusual high-heeled shoes is what you need in your case. Alternatively, you can wear pointed boots.

Figure type “hourglass”

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As a rule, the shape of this type to be perfectly proportional, and therefore, in the selection of wardrobe you have no special restrictions. Sable jackets and mink coats, voluminous fur coats of Fox and colored coats the floor in faux fur — choose what your heart desires, but remember, if you are a small growth, do not select the coats to the knee and especially in Paul.

You can safely try to wear trendy suede boots or any other shoes, but look to the nose was round or square, and the heel is thin and not massive. If you chose a voluminous coat, make sure that the shoulders were “in place” and not visually enhanced. A small bag on a chain will perfectly complete the image.

The figure of the type “inverted triangle”

Direct fur of a Fox, and Fox is your ideal option.

Under this type of figure means broad shoulders and narrow hips, this means that you need to pick up the clothes, to visually reduce the shoulders. Direct fur of a Fox, and Fox is your ideal option. But special attention should be paid to the hoses: they should be straight, perhaps narrower, but in any case not flared. You can also select a model from the chinchilla, but in this case, well, if it is almost to the floor.

Pointy or round-toe knee-length boots — perfect for owners of thin legs, but the ankle strap and chunky heel will look better than on chubby legs. Bag “postman” the medium size is the most suitable solution for this case.

The shape type “rectangle”

The figure of this type is somewhat similar to the “Apple”, it means that we need to focus on the waist. Fur will suit your needs Karakul and broadtail and model — fitted and extra long (mid-thigh). Can emphasize the waist belt, or you can simply choose flared to the bottom model. If you can’t resist long coats, please note the model of rabbit.

The perfect completion of the image will be an elegant, classic shoes with thin, high heels and a roomy bag with short handles, or a clutch of unusual shape.

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Low growth

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For petite girls, the perfect coats in all colors and stains. The course is long pile, smooth-haired fur. From silhouettes is better suited to three-dimensional model or coats, cut resembling jackets. Categorically you should not wear coats with hoods or a collar.

To visually look taller, wear thick tights or jeans to match the shoes. Black tights with the same color leather ankle boots will become your indispensable helpers. Bags look fine envelope clutch or a small bag of cylindrical shape with short handles.

High growth

If you are tall and thin, then you fit the model coats, which few people go. For example, bright in the floor model, made in the technique patchwork (patchwork), oversize or short-coats, bright colors Mouton. Also a great coat from trendy this season colored fur. You can choose how smooth and short pile to long, for example, foxes.

If you are not afraid to experiment, these coats fit small leather backpack and massive shoes in men’s style or boots with tractor soles.

Figure plus-size

In this case, is absolutely contraindicated voluminous, shapeless models, especially the MIDI length or Maxi. Choose a coat made of mink fur or Mouton that will barely reach to the knees. Coat A-line — this is the model that will emphasize your strengths.

Coat A-line — this is the model that will emphasize your strengths.

Do not carry bags, shoppers or other large bags. Better make your choice in favor bags rectangular shape over the shoulder. If you have full calves, wear boots, if not, it is fine and boots to the knee.

Pierre Balmain said: “the Secret of elegance to a simple paltetso wear it like a mink coat and a mink coat to wear as a simple politico”. I suggest you heed his words, because the secret of style not only in the ideal seated things, but in confidence.

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