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How quitting Smoking can affect the shape

Как отказ от курения может отразиться на фигуреFrench scientists have studied the issue of quitting, which helped to refute popular myths about it.

“Experts from the University of Paris studied the effect of tobacco withdrawal on a mental and physiological state volunteers.”

One of the main points of the study was to determine the exact weight that comes with quitting Smoking.

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The experiment showed that women are gaining an average of 2.8 pounds after he stopped Smoking, men – 3.2 kg.

As to his psychological condition, scientists have proven that willpower is irrelevant to the abandonment of bad habits.

But the key factor in this issue is a specific motivation and personal desire.

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After sudden withdrawal from regular tobacco use varies greatly emotional state. Studied were characterized by irritability, lethargy, mild manifestations of aggression.

However, these mood changes usually don’t last more than three weeks.

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