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How profitable is your car

Насколько выгоден свой автомобиль

The bigger the car and bigger Bank account bigger. So we imagine a successful life. We strive and we are proud of her. But if you need a car? And how expensive it costs in reality?

Experimental Lada a

Buying a car, we often don’t think about the fact that in addition to the cost of the car and gasoline will have to buy insurance, pay road tax, pay fines, pay for maintenance, cleaning, Parking and wasting your time on standing in traffic jams, which could be spent usefully get to work or home, for example, by taxi.

I took it to calculate and tell you, in which case it is advantageous to have a car, and what — not. The scenario is that the machine you are using is standard. That is, in the morning you need to drive to work, evening work, weekend in the shop and several times a year you go to relatives in another area. The car will take a very simple and common — Lada a in the configuration with the minimum necessary equipment for 450 000 rubles. Will buy it for cash, so the overpayment on the loan will not.

Insurance, tax, MOT, petrol

To get started, add to this amount the cost of CTP — 7000 rubles (21 000 rubles for 3 years). For the hull and another 50 000 (150 000 for three years), but on the hull can not insure. Approximately 25 000 rubles at the official dealer for three years until the machine is out of warranty. This is assuming that no non-warranty damage will occur. The transport tax for the year for the 87-horsepower engine is another 1,000 rubles per year (3,000 for three years).

Then consider the cost of gasoline. If you take into account the fact that the mileage of the average car per year is 20,000 km, 3 years machine accumulates 60 000 km At the price of 95-octane is 40 cents per liter and the real average fuel consumption is 9 liters per 100 km for three turns of 216 000. During this same time the car will lose in price about 170 000 rubles. Thus, in three years of owning a car will have to pay 420 000 rubles (if you do not insure for hull) to 570 000 rubles (considering insurance). And this is without considering the cost of Parking, without the cost of additional equipment, and alarm means against stealing. Excluding penalties and possible unexpected out-of-warranty breakdowns.

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This in turn suggests that one kilometre by car costs a minimum of 7-9,5 roubles (depending on, you are insured under the hull or not). That is about 520 rubles a day. 3643 ruble a week. 16400 roubles a month.

By taxi

If you go by taxi, it will take about 2.5−3 times more money, and if you ride the subway and buses, will be approximately 4-8 times cheaper (depends on whether you need to get to the subway or not).

But what if the car is only needed for occasional trips for business, or travel to the village on weekends? Or in the neighboring region to relatives a couple of times a year. It would seem that in this case, the cost of a kilometer should be significantly less. But in fact it is not. The fact that taxes, insurance, and loss of value you will have to leave as much money as in the first case. The only thing — you may be able to sell your car in three years will be 10-15 percent more expensive than the average market price due to low mileage. But not the fact.

Think again. Now when the car drives only 8,000 miles a year. 21000 for insurance, and 25,000 for 3000 on taxes, 28 800 rubles for gasoline, 140 000 depreciation (given the fact that due to the low mileage you will still be able to sell the car more expensive than average).

A total of 218 000 rubles without CASCO and 368, 000 with the hull. This, again, excluding fines, Parking fees for the garage, winter tires, tire, antifreeze and unexpected expenses. The cost of a kilometer in this case is from 9 to 15 rubles. The paradox: the less you drive, the more expensive you own the car the more profitable it becomes to change from personal cars to taxis or public transport.

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But not so simple. After all, if you refuse the car, you will not all their trips by car to replace taxi trips. By taxi, most likely you will spend money only in case will not go public transport, or you go somewhere with the whole family. In all other cases, you will choose bus, metro, bike or foot.

Moreover, in addition to traditional taxi and bus services you can travel in company with someone (if you work and live nearby, and schedules are the same), or take the car to rent. Or use the services and mobile applications of type Bla-Bla-car or Beepcar.

Do I need a car?

However, I decided to go further and give a specific answer to each question: I need a car or not? I will not download formulas and tables, but the point is that keeping a personal vehicle is cost-effective as long as the cost of kilometers it does not exceed the cost of a kilometer by taxi. And it’s rude. Because actually, like I said, you won’t replace all your car travel travel by taxi.

So, the average price of a kilometer taxi ride is 28 rubles. And intercity taxi even cheaper (only 19 rubles per km). It turns out that to buy Lada Grant is only in the case if annual mileage exceeds 5,000 km. If less, then the personal vehicle you will be too expensive.

And the more expensive the car, the greater must be the mileage. This is because depreciation and cost of expensive and powerful the car is higher than budget, and the cost of a kilometer will significantly increase. For example, the Hyundai Solaris is advantageous to buy only in the case if in the year clocked on the odometer is not less than 9000 km. Renault Duster to be profitable taxi needs to wind at 11,000 km per year. And the owner of the Audi Q5 should pass a year at least 27 000 km, so a car was cheaper than a taxi.

Of course, every situation is different, but now, at least you have numbers on which to rely when making decisions about buying a car.

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