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How much income is received every Russian from Russia’s natural resources

Сколько бы дохода получил каждый россиянин от природных богатств России

In recent years, actively discussed the possibility of introducing a universal rent for citizens of Russia for natural resources.

If the government adopted this bill, that every Russian would receive a certain amount of royalties from the sale of gas, oil, precious metals, forests, as practiced by other countries.

Russia is the largest country that receives significant profits from exports of natural resources. Income from the sale is the main source of filling the state budget.

To ordinary citizens, the money will come in the form of subsidies, pensions and various allowances and social benefits. In addition, the money to provide schools, hospitals, roads, etc.

In other countries things are different, for example, in Kuwait, Arabia, UAE, and other Gulf States provided by the transfer a certain amount to the personal account of a citizen from the moment of birth. The money a percentage from the sale of oil.

As the indigenous population in these countries are few, they get a decent allowance (this amount may reach 3 thousand dollars). In addition, citizens of Kuwait can benefit from an interest-free loan of up to 220 thousand dollars for housing.

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So do not only in countries rich in oil. In Scandinavian countries there is a similar, but not that generous policy. The money for implementation come from tax deductions, and income from export of various products.

In the US, in Alaska every citizen gets 1 thousand dollars just for the fact that the state is gold mining. Also a petroleum Fund (about us $ 30 billion) that annually, the state’s population receives great dividends.

How is it we have? How could make citizens of Russia for 2016 year of income of gold, oil and gas, if I were a shareholders of Russian corporations, and had a share of the 143 million shares (number of citizens)?

The amount of funds that the state received from the sale of gas, oil, wood, etc. for over 20 years is about 10 trillion. dollars, of which 200 thousand dollars should come from one-child families, and $ 140 thousand for a family of two retirees.

Even at $ 25,000 per person to account for the sale of other natural resources (metal, gold, diamonds). Now all these benefits are used by only the oligarchic elite.

The only thing which we can count the Russians – is the redistribution of natural resource rents. But the amount that will be able to offer the state, of course, will be small.

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At division 6 trillion. rubles from oil revenues that Russia has received in 2015, every citizen of Russia makes about 600$ a year. If to this sum be added a percentage of the proceeds for timber, gold, diamonds, metals, something to live for that amount for a year is unlikely to happen.

Those who stand on the side of this innovation, saying that the important thing is not the numbers, and the opportunity to become the owner of your shares of the global Commons, and have an annual income from work and residence in Russia. But if such a law will come into force, you can feel the other side of the coin: you will have to fully pay for public, educational, medical, and other services according to the tariffs will be economically justified. The Russians can no longer count on the parent capital, benefits, assistance programs for rural physicians and so on.

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