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How long will we tolerate the dross of Russian cinema?

Как долго мы будем терпеть шлак российского кинематографа?

It turns out that today the premiere of the film “Crimea”. The whose rating was suspiciously stranded on kinopoisk and posters which convey the meaning of the story, dismissing any hint of intrigue. If you remember, in 2016, which was the year of cinema in Russia ended in failure. This year is no better.

Good work on the fingers of one hand can count. We always blame the many. In my opinion, the problem is not so much the filmmakers ( still have interesting personalities), we have a big problem with writers ( not necessarily professional). Here, what is really the problem. No stories, no scripts. No scenarios – no idea. No idea – no response.

And still the case in the film Fund.

This Institute was established by decree of the RF government dated 16 January 1995, however, the real work began only in 2010, after the resolution of the government dated 31 December 2009.

Understand, of course, that the Cinema Fund is not one person, and so, I think that there are people who are interested in making a good movie and it comes out periodically.

But still – most of the films with the participation of film Fund represent an outright slag art. We are talking about numerous comedies, allegedly dedicated to “the reflection of life of the common people”, “human relations,” and “love”.

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Into the eye even not dedicated to people catches the fact of the reluctance of the leadership of the Ministry of culture and representatives of the media industry to develop a moral in a film.

In the hands of the state are concentrated the most powerful levers of influence on the state of information and cultural media (TV channels, news agencies, various funds and programmes), while dramatically improving the quality of media production is not happening.

Today Milon again caused outrage with his offer.

It was about a temporary moratorium on the funding authorities of the films, theatrical performances and “other cultural phenomena”.

This is due to the recent scandals around the “cinema Fund” ( the teacher, the pieces of silver, care Mikhalkov, a dubious selection of candidates for funding).

Let me explain. Questioned not funding art in Russia, specifically the work of the “cinema Fund”, whose reputation is very lame. And I think it all happens for a reason.

One gets the impression that the cinema Fund will soon be very tightly engaged. In the end,maybe disbanded the composition or transformerait the whole Fund, will change the vector of work.

Now caught “Matilda” and are looking to Fund the traces of corruption. Do not be surprised that it would begin unwinding the ball and will gradually emerge various corruption schemes, which are well known, but not yet the time has come to make them public.

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At the moment the legal justifications for the claim the Fund from the community and officials can not be. In the government decree on the establishment of the Fund is not registered task is to promote ethical and quality cinema.

And here is just abut to the main part of the Scenario working group and Expert Council of Fund of cinema. They will be engaged.

Someone already gave the go-ahead that it’s time to get out of a Fund that is also a sign. By the way, it is possible that someone provided the necessary information in exchange for their numerous transmission.

Usually what happens, and given the specificity of governance in our country, the idea of undercover does not seem something fantastic.

A couple with loud names piled from the Fund later. The rest will go to the forest. And later, through the Fund will be released to fish at – large.

It is high time, for in the case of culture, the fish really rots from the head

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