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How can we settle for a neutral flag

Как нам расквитаться за нейтральный флаг

Russian athletes win a medal for the medal “under a neutral flag”. Many fans it’s hard. And I understand them.

And first coming up with the idea “does Better than that.”

But, as someone who also once many years devoted to sports and athletes. In sport of high achievements in most types of career is very short. If some athlete may participate long enough, three to five Olympiads, that is, the species in which the chance to compete for Olympic gold or world title drops out only once or twice.

And if you’re entire adult life has been leading to this goal, it is very a shame to abandon it two steps from the top. Especially that not even because of injury, but because of the dirty political games of the American intriguers from the sport.

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So for athletes I have no complaints. Moreover, everyone understands what country are these “under a neutral flag,” and each such victory still glorifies Russia.

And at the same time is a reminder and a reproach to the United States in their dishonesty and hypocrisy. Who wants to know the Truth – and he knows it.

On the other hand, want to punish the scoundrels. For example, to suddenly somewhere near Kharkov and Odessa was made by a couple of divisions of athletes “under a neutral flag” by clearing a couple of the former regions of Ukraine (the future South Western Federal District) from the neo-Nazi executioners.

However, this emotion. And I’m not a soldier, why not climb tips in the field, which is not competent.

But I’m competent in the field of Economics. And we can arrange for an asymmetric response in this area.

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For example, we may oblige major American and Western companies and corporations (such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, nestlé, Apple and so on) to sell their products in Russia “under the neutral brand.”

They have spent billions on awareness of their brand and one day say to them “You are not allowed to trade in Russia under this name, make a gray package with the inscription in black letters “Sweet soda”, “Chocolate”, “Big sandwich or Smartphone bitten”.

The case when cheap and tasteful. I’d like to see how the hysteria will start their lobby in the us Congress. And it will start to hysteria, I assure you.

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