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How a Russian girl became an actress of Indian cinema

Как русская девушка стала актрисой индийского кино

And worked as a cheerleader, traveled for free around the country the sacred cows and making 6 thousand a day (and no, this is not some online casino).

Two years ago the Creator of small web Studio from Yekaterinburg decided to move to Goa, to remotely work on the ocean. With later she began acting in the present Indian cinema and to make a living, not creating websites. Back in Russia, Tatiana Lushnikova spoke about his experience.

Goan lazy
I graduated from radiofak and for five years successfully sold telecommunications equipment. Made good money, built a career, but realized that was completely exhausted. I once wrote a statement and left and have decided that I will make websites.

A quick trip to another country I wanted for a long time. I didn’t care where to work, because all the projects I led remotely. When I was on vacation in India and decided that they were ready to live there. So, in November 2014 I went to Goa and stayed there for six months: the first one, and a month later — with three friends. Housing found on the Internet.
When I was in India, spending time at the computer and work in General is not wanted. There is a saying: “Goan lazy”. She lays in a couple of weeks on arrival: stop in a hurry, not worried about anything, do not respond to vanity. I say to myself: “Relax, lay back, look at the sky and the sea. What’s the hurry? Life is beautiful here and now.”
Как русская девушка стала актрисой индийского кино
Work on the coast
To keep myself afloat in Goa, only a small part. To find them just any Expat here will soon begin to communicate with the locals. But those in the know of all events and offer visitors the work. Local has added me to their chat rooms where put up job offers. For example, required six female entertainers for a wedding. The participants of the chat sent photos, the administrator forwards it to the agent, that selects and arranges animators to work. No papers signed by no one, all the agreements on the words.
In India like hot cakes curvaceous blondes, especially those that know how to dance. Around non-stop shoot some clips that hold events. Once I saw the ad for “Martini girl” the whole evening she had to sit gracefully in a huge glass goblet with water on the bottom. Required female bartenders, which hung from the ceiling, and those on weight poured cocktails. My friend worked in a dress depicting the red carpet. Stood at the entrance in high heels, welcomed the guests, and the track became her long hemline. For this evening pay an amount equivalent to 20 thousand rubles.

In Goa a very popular casting for extras. But due to the fact that such work is kind of fun, paying for it a bit. For example, for the shooting of the video need STO. They were driven to the beach, and for the next 16 hours they pretend that drinking cocktails and dancing. The reward is only 1 500 rubles, a penny. However, on the coast a lot of hippy with empty pockets, and because they agree to do any work.

Very well paid professional dancers. They build a team, bring suits and for a month you can get 200 thousand. While they have a hellish schedule: five hours of the show, the four-hour flight, three hours sleep and again dances. And so every day.
Как русская девушка стала актрисой индийского кино
Once in one of the groups in WhatsApp advertisement appeared: “Wanted girls on film, you need to be able to dance. Send us your video.” And I used to dance, and I still have some recordings of old performances. I have sent them, I got the second dancer. As all films in India — music, to songs recruited separate groups. While in the foreground the actors sing, dancers dance on the second.

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In India so well-developed film industry that is producing three films a day. Many people call all of the local film industry as Bollywood, but this is a mistake. “Bollywood” is one of the companies that makes films in Mumbai. I starred in the film, which was made by the company “Telugu”.

The film was called “the Festival” (Brahmotsavam). The main role there was played by actor Mahesh Babu. At first we didn’t even know that he’s a star. But it turned out that it is a very rich and famous actor. Filmed in Hyderabad city in southern India.

Me and other Actresses — all ten girls — lived in a hotel at the Studio. We lived in large double rooms with huge beds, our company has removed the whole corridor. Every evening we were going to party, and in the morning came to the pavilion with decorations, dressed up and taught the dances. Professional tazorak the company had three, and I danced probably the worst of all fans. It was necessary to repeat the movement for the choreographer, he then chose the best. Paid regardless of how many scenes you’re doing. Sometimes we sat for hours in the dressing room: the scene was not, but to go anywhere was impossible.

Each of us had three of the suit. At first we looked like College girls: long skirt, jacket and beret, then as a Gypsy, and the third time, as if secretly: bright dress and flowers in her hair.

On the last working day the problem occurred. It turned out that the money paid later, when we’ll be out of the area. The dancing and sexy dancers began to worry: what if we were deceived? Because we have not signed any contracts. However, the administrator, who collected us, was decent. She gave us a salary from personal funds, and then she knocked out the filmmakers money.

In the movie we paid for six thousand rubles per day. So, for six days of filming, I earned 36 thousand. It’s easy money, especially given that housing and food charge.

India — former British and Portuguese colony, where everything plays. I was a cheerleader at the championship game among the celebrities involving local pop singers.

For the championship I was invited by a friend of a friend. Dance skills were not important and it was important to please the customer, to smile broadly and waving POM-poms. I sent photos and received approval, I soon booked a ticket.

With the rest of the cheerleaders we met at the airport and flew together in first class. Most of the girls knew each other, but the newcomers quickly joined. On the way we chatted, laughed, took pictures, if I flew on vacation. Arrived at the hotel by taxi, had dinner, slept well and after Breakfast on the big bus headed for the match.

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Dances taught on the way to the stadium. A few days before the game, we threw the video and we learned a bunch. It’s simple, even elementary.

Indian costumes for cheerleading are not the same. In India it is forbidden to show naked body, so we pulled skirts and shirts over leggings and turtlenecks. And all the clothes are terribly old, rests on the pins. Almost duct tape to set them in order — all the way to the match.
Как русская девушка стала актрисой индийского кино
One match lasted three hours, and on the day arranged for two matches. We danced during important game moments. Work day during a heat wave is hard, it is necessary that there was always water and shade. The sponsor of the championship was an energy drink, and from time to time we brought this tonic instead of water. I drank it without stopping, that’s why I wanted to jump and dance even more.
Overpopulation of India affects everyone. For example, the organizers of the match was to give work to the maximum number of people. Just dancers on the field were doing six. Some would chase us with chairs, others brought water, others were holding umbrellas. All scurried and bustled, but no benefit was brought. Women with parasols, desperate to understand something that was once just sat behind us and fell asleep.

We were paid six thousand roubles a day. Then we learned that inviting us to work a friend received an additional two thousand a day with each of the dancing and sexy dancers. It turns out, eight days of the championship it earned us more than two hundred thousand. Then we were arranged without intermediaries.

After the final was given a great reception. There were all sorts of celebrities and invited us dancers. We put on a beautiful dress and came to stand just for show. The agent was forbidden to even speak to the guests, so we didn’t ruin his reputation. However, one of the girls defied the ban and for an hour went somewhere. After he pulled on it all the dogs were very strict.

Sometimes the fans behaved inappropriately. We were in Northern India in a small town. The local team lost, the fans went crazy and started throwing flags on the field. The cheerleaders took the field before its time, to something that is not arrived.

I really liked to dance in the support group. Here I stand, a man with two higher in the middle of a huge stadium in India, waving POM-poms, and me clap. Well, who is it?

For six months in India, I became a real hippie. Lived a simple and cool life. After he left for two months in Bali, then Thailand, and then to the Philippines. He returned to Russia in a year, but quickly turned to walk back in the heat. However, to live any more odd jobs I don’t want to. In your first trip, I got what I wanted: a unique experience and funny stories, which then will remember in old age. Now plan a more comfortable journey, and probably not in Asia.

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