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Hollywood is everything

Голливуд - наше все

On nine out of ten reviews of Russian films and TV series start with the same confession: “Actually, I’m Russian I don’t like movies (I hate not watching), but this chance (on the bus, on the train, on the plane, that is, for lack of a better) we did.”

It would seem that special. To criticize domestic film and TV production and simultaneously praise American is considered good form. The idea that Hollywood writers, Directors and actors head and shoulders above the Russian accepted as an axiom. But, sorry, we all know that Hollywood is the dream factory. Moreover, the key word here, not ‘dreams’ and ’factory’.

However, in order. At the cottage there is a large family, recently returned after ten years of life abroad. The eldest daughter brought her Beau. Introducing the chosen one, the girl said that he was a big movie fan with an extensive CD collection.

After some time, I, naively, started with the movie talk about the work of Ryazanov and Daneliya and ran to the glass look. Then I turned the conversation to the problems in the personal life of modern Russian movie stars, the benefit in the train flipped through a couple of yellow journals. Ice in the eyes of my interlocutor did not move. It soon appeared that the young man had not heard of any of the names I have mentioned, and, generally, watched only one Russian film, I think “Night watch”. Moreover, he did not suspect that in Russia there is the film industry.

The guy grew up a strict diet of Hollywood movies. I tried to appeal to Winnie the Pooh and “Hedgehog in the fog”, but I was stopped by the youngest daughter of my friend. It is only a few months ago for the first time went to a Russian school in the eighth grade. There, the girl was surprised to learn that domestic cartoons and Comedy with Nikulin and Myagkov, which increased the children of Russian immigrants, her new classmates is virtually unknown. But they are much better versed in the latest adventures of spider-Man and other avatars.

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I lived enough years in English-speaking countries, it is known that among the local critics praise the driver and Jolie considered indecent. First famous as the-boy, gigolo in our opinion, the venerable actress demi Moore. The second known serial adoptions of African children and voluntary mutilation. Both come up regularly in lists of the worst actors of all time. But it’s there.

Russian chenopodietalia grown on Hollywood goods class B, which at home has a limited release in ninotchka disadvantaged suburbs. Therefore, a second-rate California workers soap they put much higher and actors, for example. It is not out of limitations and not even because of bad taste. They just ‘hooked’ on Hollywood and nothing else can not perceive.

When in the 70 years in the Soviet Union began to bring Indian films in fairly large quantities, a whole stratum of viewers, which in addition to a bollywood production to watch anything not wanted. Everything else seemed boring and bland compared to the peace of the Indian melodramas about disconnected in the cradle brothers and sisters. Forty years later, the Russian film and television rentals have raised a generation living in the American reality.

However, even overseas media do not hide the fact that Hollywood is not a factory of dreams, and the propaganda machine is working on the idea of a Soros-Clinton-McCain. Their ‘noble’ goal is simple as a penny – CocaCola the Earth’s population, to instill in him the American mentality.

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For other countries I will not say, but in Russia it is they have, by means of the Central TV channels, well. I remember another one of my friends almost forcibly placed their sons to watch “the meeting Place cannot be changed”. A quarter of an hour with the teenagers became hysterical. They both stated that they do not understand who these people on screen are talking about and what they want. Finding the remote, decent students of the Moscow school switched to the First channel, where the broadcast of “Iron man 2” premiere screening.

It is hard to expect from people who are better versed in the realities of the South Bronx than in Nizhny Novgorod not that love, even interest in the country where this city is located. Still uncertain what “rebuilding Russia” is in their minds more than “Time to go”.

France and Germany enacted discriminatory laws against the English language products even thirty years ago. In the USSR there was, I think, a reasonable and balanced policy in respect of foreign film production. In our cinemas premiere show went to the French Comedy and the Italian drama, it presents an Eastern European movie. Hollywood has also appeared regularly, but only recognized masterpieces, and to propaganda the theme “America saves the world”.

It would be nice to get back to equality on TV and in theaters. How many films Hollywood produces of the total number – 10%? Well, give him ten percent of the rental! And, of course, the decisive fight against Internet piracy, as demanded by our Western partners.

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