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Handling days: detox after the may holidays


May holidays are always pleasing to the noisy celebrations, meetings with friends and family, and abundant feasts. To recover after the holidays, treat yourself to a few days of fasting. After the holidays as the severity of abdominal pain and feeling unwell is common for many. Diet was shot down, …

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How much vodka to drink to live longer


On this “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has talked with the Kremlin doctor, the author of the popular books about medicine and health by Alexander Myasnikov It turned out that moderate drinking not only prolongs life but also improves its quality.Photo: Evgeny GUSEV Lately there are increasing reports that alcohol in small doses …

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Diet of the Internet lead to depression and exhaustion


Latest photos of Vladislav Surkov, published by “Kommersant”, impressed the public. On the published photographs of Sochi, the assistant to the President looks much thinner. In Instagram journalist Anastasia Kashevarova, which distributed the photo, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that Surkov’s just sitting on a diet. What is …

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Named the main danger of the use of energy drinks


Scientists from the USA found that energy is more dangerous than most other drinks containing caffeine. A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, and briefly about it reports the American heart Association. Experts came to the conclusion that energy, in comparison with the other drinks containing …

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Beer in one gulp is the way to a heart attack


Drunk in one gulp a few litres of beer cause arrhythmia and can lead to the development of heart failure and heart attacks. To such conclusions scientists have come, having surveyed the participants of the Munich festival “Oktoberfest”. Two liters of beer in one sitting break the heartbeat and increase …

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Created colorless coffee


In Slovakia created a colorless coffee does not stain teeth. The drink contains only water, coffee and caffeine. A unique drink sold under the name CLR CFF. Two brothers Adam and David Nagy not reveal the secret of how to make coffee colorless. They believe that the favorite drink of …

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The secret harmony of Scarlett Johansson


Star trainer, Bobby Strom, which many celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson, named 2 key exercises that will help you achieve a Hollywood slimness. Premiere of the new film “Ghost in the shell” in which Scarlett played the main role, was to discuss the impeccable slender form of the actress, which you …

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