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The secret harmony of Scarlett Johansson


Star trainer, Bobby Strom, which many celebrities, including Scarlett Johansson, named 2 key exercises that will help you achieve a Hollywood slimness. Premiere of the new film “Ghost in the shell” in which Scarlett played the main role, was to discuss the impeccable slender form of the actress, which you …

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“Asking me not to revive”


The story began with the fact that a podiatrist had cancer of the pancreas. Diagnosis is one of the best surgeons of the country, which offered him a treatment in which the patient promised three times to extend the life. But the quality of life he would have been “not …

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Editing DNA for the first time helped to heal a liver disease


The mechanism of the CRISPR system (illustration of MailOnline). For the first time, American scientists have managed to cure a severe genetic liver disease using the method of genetic editing. Most likely, in the near future, similar technologies will be used for the treatment of humans. The method, called CRISPR, …

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Detox on birch juice


Now is the time to pamper yourself with fresh birch juice! Did you know that it is also a great way to cleanse the body of toxins? With the arrival of spring, many women are in search of various options for cleansing the body. I want to offer you useful …

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Chickpea: for a different Lenten table


Lent has begun, and we strive to follow all the rules. Nutritionist Laura Filippova helps us in this and teaches how to diversify Lenten menu useful legume – chickpeas. Chickpea is the product of the legume family. From Wikipedia: “Chickpea – garbanzo beans, garbanzo beans, shish, puternic. The seeds of …

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7 best foods for a spring detox


After the long winter days our body needs a reboot – the cleansing and restoration. In the spring experts recommend to include in the diet as many foods for a natural detox that will help rid your body of toxins, restore an alkaline environment and your individual level of acidity. …

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Burpee: love and hate


This exercise may cause only two feelings: either you love it or hate it! Love the burpee you can, because it really gives results, requires no additional equipment and can be done anywhere! And hate it for what it is killer heavy! Burpee combines a squat, pushup and jump in …

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Menopause: what to do?


Menopause — time of natural extinction of sexual function, which inevitably occurs in every woman’s life. The decreased production of progesterone and estrogen accompanied by a number of physical ailments. “Hot flashes”, a violation of the quality and duration of sleep, shortness of breath, palpitations, development of menopause related diseases, …

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