Friday , November 17 2017
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The condition of Konstantin Kintchev has stabilized


The health of the leader of the musical group “Alisa” Konstantin Kinchev, was hospitalized with a heart attack, was stabilized. This was reported on his page in Facebook. “Thank you so much Luga and St. Petersburg physicians. The condition is stable. Hope for the best, all together”, — stated in …

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Weight loss: not so simple


9 mistakes losing weight. How to reduce weight and not to harm health? In the spring, many exacerbated by the maniacal desire to lose weight to the release. In an effort to gain “beach shape”, some thrown to the winds. The expert told the “AIF” about the most dangerous and …

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Gynecological portrait of Soviet women. Suddenly!


About sex in the USSR there are two opposing views. The first – that it was not at all, and the crowd chaste virgins shocked German doctors chastity. The second is less romantic. That and the sex was, and abortions were, but only they were made illegally, mutilating female genitals, …

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Kinchev hospitalized with a heart attack


The frontman of the band “Alisa” Konstantin Kinchev hospitalized with a heart attack. On Friday, April 29, RIA Novosti reported. “Konstantin has a heart attack, now he is in one of clinics of St. Petersburg”, — explained the press-Secretary of “Alice” by Alexander Panfilov. She did not mention what kind …

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A review of the “Anatomical trains” T. Myers


I’m reading an interesting book by Thomas Myers “Anatomy trains”. She gives a very three-dimensional, complete picture of the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system in terms of myofascia. The human body is regarded it not as a collection of individual bones, muscles and organs, and as a single …

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Just 1 minute of intense exercise can help you lose weight


Researchers from McMaster University found that 1 minute of very intense exercise provides such health benefits as more traditional endurance training. “Short bursts of intense physical activity are very effective,” says lead study author Martin Gibala. Scientists set out to determine how effective high intensity workout with short intervals, compared …

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Scientists recognized the work at night is deadly


  Work with a rotating schedule and alternating day and night shifts are detrimental to health, especially women, and can lead to the development of deadly diseases. To such conclusion the American scientists as a result of own research. The work of specialists was published in the renowned medical journal …

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How to drink water before, during and after exercise


Still doubt whether you can drink water during exercise? It is possible and necessary. But how many now will tell. As you know, the man is 75-80% water, this essential fluid for the correct functioning of our organism: it takes part in all biochemical reactions, removes waste and toxins is …

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A third of U.S. Teens admitted having extra weight


Doctors from the Clinical research Institute Duke (USA) reported higher rates of childhood obesity in the country, in spite of the past 30 years measures. The study authors published in the journal Obesity. The researchers analyzed data from the National study of health and nutrition. They concluded that in 2013-2014 …

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