Tuesday , September 26 2017
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After 40 years I have to work three times a week


Апр19 19:00 Vladimir ŁAGOWSKIE Australian scientists have identified: overwork is bad    Almost 7 thousand people – men and women – took part in the study, conducted by scientists at the Melbourne Institute of applied Economics and sociology. Volunteers were 40 scientists such specially scored to determine how efficiently you …

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Scientists have figured out a way to overcome superinfection

Immunologists from the Institute of science Gulbenkian de Portugal developed a mathematical model that allows to use the treatment of bacterial infections, which would reduce the risk of formation of bacteria resistance to antibiotics and the emergence of superinfection. In the model also takes into account the role of the …

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Scientists: people older than 40 need to work three days a week


Workers older than 40 years show better results when employed not more than three days a week, study says Australian scientists, which was attended by about 3000 men and 3500 women over 40. Scientists at the Melbourne Institute of applied economic and social research found that in conditions of incomplete …

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Stas Mikhailov hospitalized in Stavropol


Singer Stas Mikhailov was hospitalized in Stavropol on Monday evening, April 18. About it RIA Novosti was informed in the Palace of culture and sports, where you had to go through the presentation. The concert “I’ll be with you” was scheduled for 19:00. “An ambulance came to him twice, he …

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In Moscow has opened the first care centre for autistic children


On the basis of the Moscow city psychological-pedagogical University opened the first Federal resource center for children with autism, reports RIA Novosti. The organization will be engaged in introduction of modern medical technology, training and education of children. “The idea of a Federal resource center was born “from below” and …

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Lawyer: Savchenko is in a serious condition


Yesterday, the Ukrainian foreign Ministry urged the Russian side to immediately to prevent Ukrainian doctors to Savchenko The health condition of Nadiya Savchenko, who is holding 11 day dry hunger strike – heavy, the Russian authorities are doing everything to isolate. This was stated by one of the lawyers Savchenko …

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The bill offers to legalize the responsibility of man for his health


The head of the research Institute of emergency children’s surgery and traumatology Leonid Roshal at the fifth Congress of the “National medical chamber”, whose President he is, offered to legitimize the individual’s responsibility for their own health. According to him, the Russian budget is seriously affected due to the fact …

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