Friday , November 17 2017
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Nerf Junior weapons dangerous to the eye, warn doctors


Doctors eye hospital in London have warned that bullets fired from rifles children’s company Nerf, can severely injure the eyes. To the hospital three times complained of internal bleeding in the eye, pain and ripples in the eyes, after they are accidentally hit by such bullets children. Doctors in a …

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Clarified the use of frequent Masturbation


Scientists from Harvard University found that men who masturbate more than 21 times a month reduced the risk of cancer of the prostate. The authors, who published in the journal European Urology. The study involved 31 925 people, including conducted a survey. The volunteers indicated how often they engaged in …

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Sad to health: the longing will help to strengthen the immune system


Dutch scientists have found that depression is good for health. Of course, we are not talking about any serious deviations type of clinical depression or dysphoria. Although many people confuse sadness, melancholy and depression with depression. Of course, we are not talking about clinical depression as a psychiatric diagnosis — …

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Hemp, onion soup and mountain the elder


But tell me friends, why in the Russian language Internet all the natives without exception regard themselves as great scholars of medicine and boldly, had no qualms handing out left-to-right all sorts of medical advice. The enchanting tips of stupidity and ignorance. No, I am not a supporter of the …

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Called diet that really can prolong life


Rapidly gaining popularity kettiya really improves brain function in old age and markedly increases the chances of a long and healthy life. To this conclusion came from two groups of biologists, the results of studies which were published in the journal Cell Metabolism. “The fact that this diet strongly affect …

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Danger: the danger of the first vaping


Even a single use of electronic vaporizers may lead to vascular dysfunction, warn researchers from the University of West Virginia. About the experiments, they told the meeting of the American society of physiologists dedicated to the ageing of the cardiovascular system. Scientists have measured the diameter of the artery, the …

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