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Gluten: the end of an era grain


Yulia Semenova Before, I could not understand: what a strange rejection of grains? Why to stop eating oatmeal, whole wheat bread, yeast-free pita bread? “And why only people is an unnecessary restraint?” – I thought, not having, not having the right knowledge and personal experience in this matter. But over …

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Why China’s growing number of centenarians


Georgy Zotov 1 10086 The running tigers. Why China’s growing number of centenarians Newspaper article: AIF No. 46 13/11/2013 “There is no such that the person retired, sitting at home watching TV.” Chinese elderly sports, travel and Dating. In the end, China came in second place in the world for …

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15 reasons why you should not eat at McDonald’s (16 photos)


McDonald’s today is the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants. The American Corporation is doing everything just not to lose visitors frequently changes the menu, launches a new collection of toys for happy girl and don’t forget to spend money on advertising. The popularity of McDonald’s has not abated, …

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Named as slow genetic aging exercise


Scientists from Belgium and Germany experimentally proved that fasting and exercise endurance prevent the imminent shortening of telomeres and therefore slow the aging process. A study published in the journal Science Advances. In the first stage of experiments, geneticists have analyzed the end portions of human chromosomes and found protein …

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About the obesity epidemic in the United States


Imagine a country in which there are no restrictions on the sale of alcohol. At each station, on every busy bus stop there are stalls where they sell vodka in the glass — office workers running around there in the afternoon to ustakanitsya in the middle of the day. Actively …

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Palm oil is not a poison, we are stuffed manufacturers


Palm oil is a paradox. On the one hand it contains a healthy vessel components, on the other – contains other components that are harmful to the cardiovascular system. Almost everyone has heard about palm oil, at least about the fact that it is often a part of many food …

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In the nose of a person found an effective antibiotic


The human nose contains bacteria that produce an effective antibiotic. It found the German bacteriologist from the University of Tubingen, who wanted to determine the reasons why in the nasal cavity, only two-thirds of all people live and breed Staphylococcus aureus. The study is published in the journal Nature. In …

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