Friday , November 17 2017
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Walking saves from premature death, the study showed


According to a new study conducted by the American cancer society to the risk of premature death has declined, it is enough to walk only 5 minutes a day. People with a minimum level of physical activity were less likely to die those whose life, physical activity is generally absent, …

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To improve your working memory will help simple exercise


Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore found that constant exercise called “dual n-back” can lead to improved working memory. “Dual n-back” — a test in which people have to memorize a constantly changing sequence of visual and auditory stimuli. In a study published in the “Journal of Cognitive Enhancement”, …

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Небольшие изъяны пластиковых окон

Я очень не люблю пластиковые окна, однако их несомненные преимущества перед деревянными даже меня заставляют колебаться с выбором. Одним из упомянутых плюсов пластиковых окном является то, что их «стёкла» почти не бьются, ну и закрывающий механизм поудобнее, да и поддувает в них реже… Но это только в случае правильно выполненного …

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Six myths about colds and flu


This fall, experts on influenza have been waiting for his coming by the end of September — beginning of October — and it came on schedule, until then modestly hiding behind a colorful bouquet of a variety of SARS. Passers-by who in masks, and some without — with squished noses …

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Owners of Pets get sick less


Pet owners, visit a medical institution for 15-20 % less than other people. This was stated by the head of the program of research in the field of interaction between man and animal (HAI) of nutrition Center for Pets in WALTHAM, which is located in the UK, Sandra Mccune. She, …

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Going to the theater can be just as healthy as exercise


Researchers claim that visiting the theatre can stimulate the cardiovascular system of a person almost as much as a half hour exercise. Scientists from University College London (UCL) and Lancaster University monitored the heart rate and brain activity of 12 people who attended a musical drama “Dreamgirls” at the West …

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“Hawthorn” is not restricted to two bottles


The order of Ministry of health on the norms of holiday alcohol-containing medicines came into force Medicines containing alcohol, will be sold without any restrictions in quantity. This follows from the order of the Ministry of health, which registered the Ministry of justice. Earlier, the draft document was provided for …

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