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In the future proper nutrition will replace antibiotics


Scientists from the Institute of biological research Salk in California proved that good nutrition during illness can really speed up recovery. The researchers conducted a series of experiments on mice and found that the food quality prevents the development of infection in the body, at the same time during the …

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Hepcinat – эффективный противовирусный препарат, используемый в лечении гепатита C

Лечение гепатита C – достаточно сложный и длительный процесс, который включает прием комплекса препаратов, направленных на устранение вируса, блокирование его размножения в гепатоцитах. До недавнего времени врачами во всем мире назначалась интерфероновая терапия. Это достаточно длительный и дорогостоящий процесс, который не всегда является эффективным. Современное лечение гепатита C основывается на …

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About half of men are carriers of a deadly virus — Scientists


The majority of US citizens male infected by one type of human papillomavirus. According to the oncologists, 45 percent of men in America are a source of this disease. To such conclusion specialists-oncologists, the results of their work published in the journal JAMA Oncology. The researchers examined the data of …

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The MoH has planned the extinction of Russia


The Ministry Veronika Skvortsova published a new version of the state program “Development of healthcare in Russia”, where changed in the direction of deterioration of the basic indicators, such as total mortality and the mortality of working age. So for 2020 instead of the previously planned mortality of 11.4 ppm …

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In the basket add health


As of 2018, the minimum set of products will be less flour and more fruit and vegetables. This year the government will review the composition of the consumer basket, according to the plan of legislative work of the Cabinet. As have informed “news” in the Ministry, the document will be …

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Beer yoga conquers the world


No, you don’t fail the eyesight, you read it right. Began its March with the famous Burning Man festival, famous for its unfettered expression, pub yoga flourished in Germany and Austria — in countries where the beer is worth it to bring it even to classes to achieve spiritual enlightenment. …

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Brown mist floats above us… Give filters!


Chelyabinsk the second week of suffocating smog from industrial emissions, and their fumes non-stop. So cynical in the region began the year of the environment. These turned out to be the environmental initiative of the Chelyabinsk region. The power is idle or engaged in imitation of rough activity. For example, …

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Moderate fasting can extend life in half

Scientists: Moderate fasting can extend life in half American scientists came to the conclusion that fasting really can be therapeutic and significantly prolong life. As reported by RIA Novosti with reference to Nature Communications, it has become clear in the course of the pilot program with the primates. Similar experiments …

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Created affordable 3D printing of drugs at home


A British company has developed a three-dimensional printing technology medical products with which patients can create their assigned medications at home or in the hospital. Technology will help to reduce the prices of rare drugs, to increase their accessibility, and to reduce the number of fakes. Biotech startup FabRx presented …

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