Tuesday , September 26 2017
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On TV came the story of the serious illness of Poroshenko


The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko suffering from alcoholism. This is stated in the program “Peter and his glass” on the TV channel “TVC”. According to political scientist Rostislav Ishchenko, a “peccadillo”, to the head of the Ukrainian state was seen for a long time and is well aware of …

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Quitting Smoking even in old age helps to extend the life


Everyone probably heard that Smoking is a risk factor of various diseases. Previously we described how the effects of nicotine destroys male chromosome, alter the genetics of children, and disrupts the brain in old age. But a new study by American scientists from the rest seems pretty optimistic: it turns …

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5 types of headaches, which is impossible in any case to ignore


Doctors recommend early diagnosis to everyone pursuing headaches We are so accustomed to headaches that is rarely worried about. Only because he does not know the opinions of doctors. But doctors recommend early diagnosis to everyone pursuing headaches — they can be a signal of our organism about more serious …

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What to do if you get sick with the flu


Despite the large number of prophylactic methods is not always possible to protect themselves from the virus. In most people the disease is mild and moderate form, however, any possible complications that significantly deteriorate patients ‘ quality of life. Modern medicine is capable of using pharmacological means to significantly speed …

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Psychosomatics: non-obvious causes of childhood diseases


Foto: Shutterstock Kluber 25. Nov 2016 16:02 Pediatric psychosomatics is a whole range of child experiences that he because of their age cannot Express and manifests itself in frequent illnesses and moods, writes “Kluber”. Pediatric psychosomatics is a whole range of child experiences that he because of their age cannot …

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Should complete the passengers to pay more for ticket?


And violini want to raise the cost of tickets for passengers with excess weight, but is this not discrimination and violation of human rights? To understand this difficult question tried BBC Autos author with experience as a flight attendant. From the earliest years of civil aviation the seats in airplanes …

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The Olympics does not affect health


  Scientists have found an insignificant contribution of the London Olympics to the nation’s health Alla Salkova Olivia Harris/Reuters Scientists first assessed the contribution of the Olympics to the nation’s health. The effect of this major sport event was short-lived and insignificant, but high goals and objectives of “inspiring generation” …

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All the best palm oil — children


In kindergartens and schools of the Crimea becomes more substandard products. Check not help. Suppliers from the mainland dropping prices in hopes of getting a contract. The abundance of vegetable fats, such as milk rolls. This is reflected in the health of children. In Evpatoria in some samples of dairy …

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Putin may leave because of health problems?


Although in the past there were already rumors about the possible resignation of Vladimir Putin’s state of health, the current looks more believable because you have a special situation: approaching deadline is scheduled for 2018 presidential elections. And the closer this point, the more the question of the change of …

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