Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Identified the most useful form of vitamin D


Scientists from the University of Surrey (UK) dispelled the myth that vitamins D2 and D3 are equally useful for the human body. This publication reports Medical Xpress. Specialists interested in the question of how effectively enter the body different forms of vitamin D. To do this, scientists during two winters …

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The Russians three times more often skimp on your health


According to the holding “ROMIR”, now forced to save 82% of Russians, which testifies to the continuation of the crisis. The share of Russians who were forced to reduce the cost of medicines and services of doctors, has grown over the past year, almost three times — from 6% to …

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The four main causes of the high life expectancy


Swedish scientists identified four main factors, directly related to the increased duration of human life. A study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, and briefly about it, reports Medical Xpress. Experts believe that the necessary elements of a healthy lifestyle, allowing to reach old age, are Smoking cessation, regular …

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The incidence of obesity in Russia increased by half


After four years in Russia, the incidence of obesity has doubled. About this newspaper “Izvestia”, citing data from Rospotrebnadzor report “On the state sanitary and epidemiological wellbeing of the population in Russia in 2016”. “The incidence of obesity among the adult population aged 18 years and older with first time …

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The five most dangerous diets for men


Recent studies have shown that men are increasingly to diet. Eager to shake off the excess. Pounds, mean. Almost 30 percent of males somehow restrict themselves in food. But the reason, unlike women, are called respectful. Ladies mainly want to gain a slender waist. A strong floor sits on a …

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Handling days: detox after the may holidays


May holidays are always pleasing to the noisy celebrations, meetings with friends and family, and abundant feasts. To recover after the holidays, treat yourself to a few days of fasting. After the holidays as the severity of abdominal pain and feeling unwell is common for many. Diet was shot down, …

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How much vodka to drink to live longer


On this “Komsomolskaya Pravda” has talked with the Kremlin doctor, the author of the popular books about medicine and health by Alexander Myasnikov It turned out that moderate drinking not only prolongs life but also improves its quality.Photo: Evgeny GUSEV Lately there are increasing reports that alcohol in small doses …

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