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Hawking has called the exact date of the destruction of mankind

Хокинг назвал точный срок уничтожения человечества

According to British physicist Stephen Hawking, humanity in a hundred years, is threatened with destruction due to the unbearable heat, which will be the result of global warming. This scientist said in the second episode of the documentary series “Favourite places”, according to the publication CNET.

As Hawking says, if climate change continues, the atmosphere will heat up to such an extent that the Earth will resemble Venus. The surface temperature of this planet reaches 467 degrees Celsius and the pressure higher than the earth 93 times — enough to crush a submarine.

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Such conditions have arisen due to the greenhouse effect when the cloud cover passes the sun’s heat, but prevents its release back into space.

It is estimated that around 4.5 billion years ago Venus was covered with oceans, however, due to the proximity of the planet to the Sun, they evaporate, saturating the atmosphere of the heat accumulating water vapor. A similar process, but on a smaller scale, occurs on Earth, where the greenhouse gas was carbon dioxide.

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According to Hawking, after 100 years the conditions on our planet will irreversibly deteriorate, and humankind will have to find a new home. “If you meet someone who denies global warming, advise him to go to Venus. I’ll pay for the trip,” joked a scientist in the program.

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