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Has the first photo of a Chinese hypersonic fighter “Dark sword”

Появилось первое фото китайского гиперзвукового истребителя "Темный меч"

The Chinese Shenyang Aircraft company has posted the first photo of a hypersonic fighter Dark Sword (the”Dark sword”), according to the portal The Drive.

New drone differs from other drones that combines high maneuverability and supersonic speed, low radar visibility. The publication suggests that the Dark Sword is equipped with technologies that reduce their visibility, are able to fly at supersonic cruising speed besforsazhny mode and reach a maximum speed of 2 Mach numbers.

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Some elements of the fuselage of a drone reminiscent of the Chinese fifth generation fighter J-20. In particular, the drone got bestbody supersonic intake, which reduces visibility and wind resistance.
This drone is ideal for the application of lightning strikes. How far along in the work on “the Dark sword” by the Chinese is unknown.

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