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“Great names of Russia”: airports can obtain augmented name

4 October 2018 member of the Presidium of the Russian Society of literature, Chairman of the Patriarchal Council for culture, Metropolitan Tikhon during his speech at the round table in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation proposed to set the airports “Vnukovo”, “Sheremetyevo” and “Pulkovo” additional names in the framework of the project “Great names of Russia”.

He stressed that airports at the moment are the names of previously lost villages, and it is through them often in our country get the foreign guests: “it is Proposed to hold a public vote, discussion of what names we want to further assign to these airports.” Metropolitan Tikhon said – the idea is not to replace existing names, but only to complement the established names in honor of the great countrymen.

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Residents of the Russian Federation in the process of voting will be to choose what names are worthy of mention beside the names of the airports. Metropolitan Tikhon believes that mandatory to consider are such historical figures as Peter the great, Alexander Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Ivan Bunin.

Also, it will be laid out and the design of internal premises of airports: we create a cognitive public space to people in the halls of waiting could find interesting information about his great compatriots.

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The idea is very important: it will allow you to immortalize the names of leading figures of the Russian Federation, to familiarize the young generation with outstanding historical persons, and also to raise the General cultural level of citizens. In addition, many foreigners who are happy to visit our country, literally on arrival can plunge into the multifaceted Russian culture.

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