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Great competition reviews: “the film industry” sums up the competition

January 2015 “the Movie” was a competition of reviews – a large-scale competition of readers of the site who have shared reviews on all sorts of movies, from new hire to recognized classics. Hundreds of reviews, dozens of participants – and we finally have a winner, Igor Tazeev.

Great competition reviews: “the film industry” sums up the competition

Readers shared their opinions on any movie, at its discretion, from new hire to classic. The contest immediately turned into a competition, each vivid and compelling write-up was brought to the authors points in the overall standings. Tazeev involved in the fight from the beginning and until the last week constantly published new texts, thereby securing a victory.

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Almost every week throughout the contest Igor had a few new reviews. For eighteen years he has published 328 reviews, which is an absolute record. On account Taseevo – about every fourth review of the competition. If not for the fertility of Igor, the winner could be different. Already in the early stages formed a pool of regular contributors, and the struggle between them remained unpredictable till the very end. Tazeev closer to the finale managed to break away from his pursuers – his score is 91 points, but the fight for “silver” lasted until the last round: Maxim Isaenko 77 points, Vladimir Samara – 76 points. Meanwhile, after completion of the stage of the competition Igor continues to write reviews on “the Movie”.

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Great competition reviews: winners and results

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