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Good day, dear motorists! In our house lives a Snitch and a Snitch

Perfect anonymous! “Good day, dear motorists! Appeals to you the same a car enthusiast like all of us, staying on the Dmitrov. In our house lives a Snitch and a Snitch (need to cross out…), which calls and writes in DPS for the evacuation of vehicles of the owners. He was bored. So you will now know who to thank and wish him good health in the coming days! I do not recommend to Park on the sidewalk and places for people with disabilities. Today, August 29, from the school building evacuated 12 cars! Sincerely, a resident of the complex on Dmitrovskoe.”

Interesting, did the author of the announcement itself, full retard, at least for a second when he wrote it? Really, even thought in an empty head is not flashed that he is wrong? The motorist, who at his car and traffic is so shit that he puts his car on the sidewalk, that’s smeshochki. Between the trash would have put a th, also free!

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Break – ready. But as for the ass, ran the ad glue. In his thick head misses a simple idea that can not be broken. I as the car owner (and of those who are sooooo trying not to break anything) still can’t understand who hammered into the heads of probably 95% of drivers that they default to all, everywhere and always obliged to provide free Parking. But if there are not enough seats, then they have a moral right to put the car where I want and will Nebet? This, you see, even from Soviet psychology had one of those. The owners of the machines had a separate caste, and they all envied. Really stupid sheep won’t realize it’s not 1975, and the machine is almost everyone. And, obtaining a driver’s license and buying a car, they become steeper pedestrians.

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