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Gigi Hadid naked for the cover of a famous magazine

Джиджи Хадид обнажилась для обложки известного журналаThe girl became the heroine of the December issue of Allure magazine.

21-year-old model graced the cover of taking part in the shooting of the photographer Patrick Demarchelier, in front of the lens which were and bold Gigi naked, girl posing lying on the horse’s back.

Daughter Iolanta foster and Mohamed Hadid told about his life priorities, the main of which, according to Gigi, has always been a successful career and a head on his shoulders.

Джиджи Хадид обнажилась для обложки известного журнала

“Always wanted to prove to myself and others that I’m a good person. Many people, when printing an article or sharing with other information, do not understand the power of their judgments, why is there so much negative energy,” – said the heroine of the rooms Allure.

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The model admitted that on the way to success, she had to fight the stereotype that she is the daughter of famous parents, who are deprived of talent. The girl said, how did her desire to become a model.

Джиджи Хадид обнажилась для обложки известного журнала

“Since my childhood I was obsessed with photography and wanted to make better pictures, so he studied the imaging process. Many people do not know that model work is sometimes very heavy. I used to work, for example, while studying always got up at four in the morning to finish a school project,” continued Gigi.

Model and commented on its success in social networks, and answered a question, write it in the future, a book about how you can become the star of Instagram.

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Джиджи Хадид обнажилась для обложки известного журнала

“I would really like to have a strategy to promote in social media – I could write a book about it and earn millions. Having social networks, it never felt like work. It seems to me, succeeded in it, because it was a natural”,
– admitted Hadid and added that he plans to stay in successful photo shoots and thinking about a film career.

“Will do only one or two films, so I want they were good”, – shared his plans with the character of his edition of the December issue.

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