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Germany was in the world top countries where stealing art objects

Германия попала в мировой топ стран, где воруют объекты искусства

The Germans at all times was reputed to be fine connoisseurs of different genres of art. In our days it is confirmed even by Interpol. However, very peculiar. Recently the Agency released a report that German criminals have been TOP leaders. We are talking about countries where there were the greatest number of thefts in the field of Museum and collector’s values.

On the basis of the Interpol art portal Element Paints made up world “the painting theft”. Based on the experts took the situation in November 2017 since that time, information about the new crimes were reported. It turns out that from 1991 until now, 192 countries of the world stole 4612 works of art. All these artifacts were included in the public database. The total cost of the “treasures” pulled by 4-6 billion dollars.

Germany in the list of art crimes is ranked 7th. In General, one of the first specialists in European countries, rich in art objects, even stealing is not as common as in regions where there is war or martial law. Open the anti-Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya. And then have to go to France, Austria and Germany.

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It is noteworthy that in Germany the stolen goods find less than, for example, in France. If we take the level of crime in the cities, Paris tops (there are at the moment found 73 item stolen). In the second place, the Serbian city of Valjevo, on the third London. German city on this parameter occupy 5th and 6th places (respectively, Stuttgart and Frankfurt with 17 and 14 finds). However, in Germany, sometimes the most valuable things find even intelligence agencies, and ordinary laborers. For example, at the fish market Dortmund: the warehouse employees found in the freezer five bags of ancient coins.

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However, more often than kidnap it sculpture — the index of theft more than double paintings (956 vs 483). In addition, the list of hits from thieves fall ceramics (193), articles of silver and gold (132), and arms (111).

I must say that the formation of the list of critics approached selectively. It has got paintings, sculptures, jewelry made of precious metals (antique and contemporary works), coins, antique furniture and interior items, as well as various archaeological finds. The specialists say that intentionally excluded from the list of items of firearms of the 20th century. Why, because they do not have artistic value, despite the remoteness of production. So in reports art experts referred to the ancient weapons, particularly daggers and swords with decorative carvings on the arms and shields, inlaid with precious stones.

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