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German scientists: first-person shooter games don’t make people aggressive

Немецкие ученые: "стрелялки" не делают людей агрессивными

Approximately 2 billion people per day worldwide playing video games. This is unofficial statistics firm Newzoo. And one of the most active European countries in this respect is Germany. And adults go for consoles almost if not more than children and adolescents. This raises a serious concern for their loved ones, and suddenly players will switch to aggression from monsters and gangsters from virtual reality to real people?

However, German scientists have proved that in this respect there is nothing to fear. The experiment of dreams hosted a group of researchers from the Institute of human evolution, max Planck Society (Max-Planck-Institut für evolutionäre Anthropologie, MPI-EVA). A few dozen lucky two months in a row played with various video games — at least half an hour a day. The study even received medical approval: to address initiatives approvingly spoke of the ethics Committee of the charité University clinic (Charite).

The experiment involved 90 adult men and women of different age (from 18 to 45 years). A third of them played GTA V where you want to live the life of gang members. The next thirty went peaceful (even meditative) the Sims 3, the purpose of which — the arrangement of life and organization of the personal life of the character. Finally, there were another 30 people from the control group, who all this time was not playing in anything. Moreover, they are protected even from talking about video games.

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It is noteworthy that none of the subjects had no specific gaming preferences. It excluded special euphoria in the process. Over the past six months, the subjects never even touched these games.

Before and after a gaming marathon, gamers are tested by psychologists. The surveys revealed the level of aggression, empathy, and willingness to contact with other people. Testing included even the questions on the definition of sexist attitudes and tendency to depression.

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All these parameters have not changed any one participant, the study authors write in an article for a specialized publication Nature. Although it would seem that gang violence with virtual characters would have to give vent to the accumulated voltage (for example, due to stress at work). Apparently German gamers came to the process rationally, clearly separating game and life.

“Take 2” will play with teenagers?

However, in this scientific article, the researchers emphasize that they studied long-term effects of computer games on the psyche of adults. For children and adolescents until it was. “Further studies are needed to demonstrate the absence of deleterious effects on children,” the scientists write.

Interestingly, all participants received testing compensation in the amount of 200 euros. Who knows, maybe this nice bonus and paid back the aggression?


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