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Gastroenterologists told how to eat with gastritis

Гастроэнтерологи рассказали, как правильно питаться при гастритеDiseases of the gastrointestinal tract can be quickly cured, if you go on a special diet.

Since almost all ailments of the stomach, pancreas and intestines, associated with inflammation. Therefore, it is logical for the period of exacerbation to go for products that have soothing, enveloping and healing properties that help soothe the mucous membranes of the digestive system, thereby, improving the patient’s condition.

Proper diet for gastritis includes many rules that it’s important to see those who have diagnosed with the disease and those who do not want to have gastritis in the future:

1. Completely exclude from the diet fried foods. Even if they are fried in a small amount of vegetable oil. This applies to those cases where the gastritis was transformed into a chronic form. Also, preferably throughout their lives to avoid fried foods, saturated with carcinogens.

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2. In the diet should not be present even on holidays alcoholic and carbonated drinks. Toxic substances from alcohol and carbonic acid irritate the stomach lining, gastritis is highly undesirable. This can be attributed to coffee and strong tea.

3. All food for gastritis should be steamed, in the oven or cooked in water. Doctors advise to grind or use a blender. Thus the stomach will be easier to cope with their responsibilities for the digestion of food.

4. Raw vegetables and fruits should not be consumed for those who have diagnosed gastritis. They may contain acid substances, irritating the mucous membranes of the stomach. Therefore, these products must undergo heat treatment before they hit the table.

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5. Gastritis forget about the fresh bread and pastries. Patients doctors only allowed to eat yesterday’s bread or dried in the oven. All types of cookies is permitted only app, as it has almost no fat.

Doctors say that at any age a person has a chance to get rid of gastritis and other stomach ailments only if they eat right, reduce the maximum stress, avoiding them, increase their physical activity.

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