Wednesday , October 18 2017
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Xbox One has outsold the PlayStation 4


In the us market gaming platform Xbox One in terms of sales for the fourth consecutive month ahead of the PlayStation 4.Experts suggest that these influential indicators can be explained thanks to the good equipment the Xbox One. Manufacturer of gaming consoles have been able to develop an effective system …

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Final Fantasy XV receives new updates


Japanese developer and manufacturer of computer games, Square Enix released new information regarding Final Fantasy XV. For the updated video game will soon be available in two graphics. This will be possible thanks to a special patch that will provide additional opportunities to maximize the use of all resources of …

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DiRT 3 Complete Edition give for free


Complete full edition in addition to the game are also all the extras that it came out. Codemasters gives the full edition of the racing simulator DiRT 3 for free. Everyone is welcome to expand your library of games edition DiRT 3 Complete Edition free. This offer is available to …

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The Witcher 3 is still superb for sale


CD Projekt RED has shared financial results in recent reporting quarter. The Polish company CD Projekt RED has shared financial results in recent reporting quarter, which ended September 30. Despite the fact that the hit The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues to be sold, total revenue, and profit of the …

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Fallout 4 has discovered an unknown content


Bethesda is developing a new addition, which will add the ability to travel under water. Fans of Fallout 4 found in the game unknown set of content. Find called Terrapin, under the assumptions of gamers will send the characters of the game in the underwater world. In December of last …

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In Overwatch you can play for free


The event will be held from 18 to 21 November on all platforms. Blizzard Entertainment has decided to hold a rally, offering players the free to play shooter Overwatch on PC and consoles. The campaign will be available to all game content. The only limitation imposed upon the achievements and …

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GTA Online will receive new massive addition Deadline


New GTA Online mode will turn you into the hero of the film “Tron.” More than three years have passed since the release of Grand Theft Auto V, a workaholic from Rockstar Games continue to support the multiplayer “sandbox”, a free game by adding new content. And today the developers …

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Patch the first day for Dishonored 2 weighs nine gigabytes


The release will take place this Friday, November 11. Dishonored 2 comes out this week, but Bethesda Softworks is silent about the patches the first day. Fortunately, Network users do not slept and explored the necessary information. Physical copies of Dishonored 2 already went hands. The inhabitants of the Reddit …

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The Metro sequel will be released in 2017


The new game will continue the plot of the final book “Metro 2035”. Perhaps, many got upset when the latest teasers from the Studio 4A Games turned into a game for virtual reality Arktika.1, but not a new shooter in a series of Metro. But do not despair: adventures in …

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