Sunday , June 25 2017
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In EVE Online you can now play for free


The owners of paid subscription will get the advantage of a more rapid growth experience. One of the biggest games in the history of gaming industry did a free for all. CCP Games has refused to pay subscriptions to EVE Online in favor of a transition to a model of …

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The Elder Scrolls: Online can play for free


Free access to The Elder Scrolls Online will open today, November 16 to 20 hours. The creators of The Elder Scrolls: Online has decided to treat the players a free access to their game. For almost the whole week, players can join large-scale battles in the world Tamriel. For the …

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Autumn update Battlefield covered 1


DICE has released the first major patch for shooter Battlefield 1. Today DICE has released the first major patch for the military shooter Battlefield 1, which, recall, was successfully launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One less than a month ago (October 21). Please note that the computer version …

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Dishonored 2 is passed for half an hour


Dishonored 2 tacitly acknowledged “the perfect game for speedruns”. Since the release of Borderlands 2 only a few days passed, but fans of high-speed transmission has already set an impressive record. The passage of the new game Arkane Studios took one of speedrunners a little more than half an hour. …

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The first critics game Watch Dogs 2


About the new game of Ubisoft respond very warmly. Experts of the gaming industry issued its opinion the game Watch Dogs 2. The network began to appear numerous reviews from critics with ratings new part of the series of hacker adventures. A complete list of evaluations is provided below: NZGamer …

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Gamers declared war LG


The players declared war on the developers of LG. On the website already have a related petition in which users describe the bad quality of the LG TVs. Recently in the gaming industry the most popular acquired technology High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDR). In Sony during the promotion of …

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Gone Home giving absolutely free


The promotion lasts for a limited time and will end on Monday. Team The Fullbright Company has decided to treat gamers with free access to their game. Named “Best PC game” at VGX 2013 adventure quest first person to give totally free. In the story the players come home after …

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Minecraft and its Windows version will get new updates


Appeared information about updating the pocket edition of Minecraft and Windows 10 version.It is known that the novelty and all related blocks/mobs will appear on smartphones and tablets. Especially for this update was the selected number 1.0. “Edge” is a very important section of the game, because it ends with …

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Xbox One has outsold the PlayStation 4


In the us market gaming platform Xbox One in terms of sales for the fourth consecutive month ahead of the PlayStation 4.Experts suggest that these influential indicators can be explained thanks to the good equipment the Xbox One. Manufacturer of gaming consoles have been able to develop an effective system …

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