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From Soviet Man to the Russian tradesman

От Советского Человека до российского мещанина

Today’s topic is quite wide and large. And it needs to be addressed comprehensively. But today we will touch on only one hand and will help us in the movies, as points of formation and education: “carnival night”, “Live till Monday”, “Office romance”…

Until 1953 was the birth and formation of Soviet cinema, which in the first place stands the working man, the glorification of heroism, and the primacy of social values over personal petty interests of many examples: “Communist”, “Rich bride”, “Tractor”, “the Miners” (1937). Anti-Soviet cinema that appeared after 1953, in the first place puts forward the primacy of the unlimited freedom of the individual over community values.

So — 1956 – “carnival night” — the first step to remaking the Soviet Man in tradesman. Here the question is simple, the plot offers two concert scenario as if there is no trade Union, party to the collective elaboration of decisions about the script concert, but there is the head of the fool, and the above may be the same. The film is a Comedy, entertainment, and so it will be a lot to watch… And then just laid anti-party, anti-Soviet “bomb” is the beginning, so to say “fuse”, long 30 years, and he is set on fire.
Read more…in 10 years it has grown a new young generation that it lay in the brain?

1968 – “Live till Monday” is the movie, the moment when the head of the younger generation laid the bourgeois view of human rights as “the unrestricted freedom of the individual”. Actually, just like now/today, and lead their classes menegery educational services sector. Why this film? Because the ones who are shown in this film, and so the real peers of the heroes of this film, adopt to your Arsenal of methods to defend “individual liberty” is brought into the class crow, burning works is the same generation (30-40 years) with established opinion about “individual rights” and became active enough to succumb to anti-Soviet propaganda in the years of perestroika. And therefore it can be concluded that the hero Tikhonov could not bring to the future of perestroika, the meaning and the necessity of continuing the struggle begun by their grandparents for freedom of the country and the people is a piece on Lieutenant Schmidt. The key phrase here Konstantin: “No chances of success, what’s the point?” These are the “Constantine” were the careerists, who were in control of the country and though they joined the Communist party but the Communists, they did not – this is the usual way of the ambitious.
There is one phrase in the film “Let’s do another craft where marriage is far cheaper”, which was repeated in the film “Irony of fate…” — the “teachers’ Mistakes are less noticeable, but ultimately they cost the people not less expensive…” and was immediately translate the theme to the money, the dialogue is shot in the kitchen.

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1977 – “Office romance” — the continuation of life of those who graduated from the school people. They already have a job, family, and what they can now teach, to educate their children – “individual freedom”, catching the Raven? Because each student has no personal Ilya Semenovich from “Live till Monday”. In the end, we see the nerd, a sort of “grey koordinata” — ambitious Samokhvalov, who is always ready “to prompt, to offer” and to observe the process. It is possible to assume that war is the most grown up and entrenched in his “meaning of life” the Constantine of “Live till Monday”, and such a slap in the face (as in “the Service novel”) can not be stopped and the executor of his tips – today one, tomorrow another… so we came to the point where is clearly visible the role of ambitious — to give their clues to demand their execution, and to be on the sidelines and never reply – they are no what to do and not going to. But those who carried out their tips, not too innocent lamb, and the performers and they also have a claim: — You have performed, you ought to also bear responsibility for their actions.

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And now we can draw a parallel with existing living “heroes” of implementing these tips, passed this way and hear them. These are the intellectuals who now say — “If we knew… We’re the good guys wanted” — this applies to all of these Mikheev, Kulikov, Satanovskiy, Solovyov, by Shahnazarova…
Now we see what caused the country people who grew up on the Philistines – thanks to them the country was forced to return to capitalism, to re – “enter the water”.

So what happened during this period in the country with the Soviet people, not a small role in the formation of which was playing the movie and don’t be surprised both anti-Soviet cinema of the USSR? Movies with the main character, whose personal issues above social issues, formed in the brain of the viewer the basis for the bourgeois point of view on life, which has created a framework to implement it in the life – 80th years, 30 years and triggered the same anti-Soviet “bomb”, planted for the scrapping of Soviet society and the Soviet Man and the Soviet government.

Well, now you can say nobody cares what level of education, because intelligence is no longer needed. Consumers need it… And that the level of training and reduce the level of the exam in this case, the best helper. This is understandable, because if laboratoty or ignorance, people are dependent on competent and will not get out of debt. And when a person needs, he is weak and they can twirl, as want.

Such was the anti-Soviet acid, which penetrate from outside and corroded from within the Soviet man, and the source of this was the anti-Soviet part of the cinema of the Soviet Union vypyachivalis unlimited freedom of the individual denying the high purpose in life, discipline and heroism.

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