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From Baghdad, with love. The Iraqi man about life in Russia

Из Багдада с любовью. Житель Ирака о жизни в России

This man has been through a lot: he was drafted into the army of Saddam Hussein even in the age of 15, he saw the war and how I lost best friends.

“Talking about it is hard for me because I lost a lot of good friends: an Armenian or Muslim – it doesn’t matter”.

But it was in his life and a lot of good: as, for example, the years of peace in their country, favorite hobby – dancing army, in which he is engaged already more than 15 years, and the journey to Russia.

Varant – an ethnic Armenian, Christian. He was born and lived in Iraq (Baghdad), and his parents:
“After the genocide a hundred years ago, in Syria, Iraq, Palestine and Jordan – in a city – moved a lot of Armenians. People ask me: “Who are you?” – “I am Armenian” – “In Iraq there are still Armenians?! There is in fact a war!”. I answer: “war is War in Armenia, too, was war. With Azerbaijan. Syria is also a war”.

In Iraq, many nationalities there. There’s a very good life was before the war. Was better. There was little money, but still.”

Из Багдада с любовью. Житель Ирака о жизни в России

It was quiet, but in 2003, when Wiranto already 15 years old, he was drafted into Saddam Hussein’s troops to protect the country from an American invasion. In the second part.

He is now studying in Saint-Petersburg already for 3 years and doesn’t want to leave. He wants to stay here, he likes the city, people, Russian culture. But he can’t do that, because, as he says, in Iraq there is a law that, after finishing University, he is obliged to go back to work. At least a year.

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About Russia Varant told a lot. In the video I’ve gathered the most interesting about Russian women and their “Yes” and “no” three words associated with Russia for him and where is his soul. In conclusion, he appealed to Russia.

Hello, my name is Lachinian Varant, I am an Armenian from Iraq, Baghdad.

Tell us about Russian women
Russian woman likes a person with a strong character. At the same time she has such a nature that, when she says “Yes” it means Yes, no means no. In the end, she will be the President. It was very difficult for me because we have in Iraq is of this nature. In Iraq, on the contrary, all men expect it: Yes, Yes, no is no. She’s the wife, house cooks, children and so on. And here she is at home, on the street, children, work – she as a large complex. I like it.

But I had a problem. I have a friend, for instance, she said, “let’s go Metro!”. Me: “I can’t, I’m tired.” She: “No, come on now.” Me: “Listen to me. I’m not Russian, I’m from Iraq.”

I can say “Yes” when it is convenient for you and me, not just for me. And you say “Yes” because it is convenient for you. So that part I do not like.

I was used to. It is not difficult, no problem, just need time to get used to.

Rasskajite, there are some peculiarities in Russian
I felt that there is very good relationship between the Russian and the place in which he lives. That’s why I like it. Love that he loves the Russian language, the city. I want to live here, we speak Russian, another language is not necessary. Sometimes you can English a little, Spanish, French. But most importantly, if you want to teach life in Russia, you have Russian 100% speak another language is not necessary.

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Three associations with Russia
Peter, heart, peace

Saint Petersburg
I really like the life in Russia, St. Petersburg. I was in Moscow, I was in Kazan, Murmansk, but in the end, I like Petersburg. Here is the soul. I miss him, can’t live in another city.

My soul in St. Petersburg. I’m telling you. If I go back to Iraq, my soul will stay here. I feel that my soul will live here in peace.

The “heart” because I love here: love the city, people. Not only St. Petersburg, Russia I will always love you, because the state helps me (my help) that I, for one, go here.

“Calm,” because people here love life and love peace.

I want to say thanks to the Russian government, because it “hugged me” foreigner. Not just from Iraq, Syria or any other country. Alien.

“I can’t believe that back in Iraq: the ensemble here, friends. I’ll miss everything.”

So he wants to come back to St. Petersburg to study at the graduate level. And then and at all to live here forever.


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