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Forbidden pleasure allow again

Запрещенные удовольствия опять разрешают

The gambling business in Sochi are coming out of hiding.

You may have seen advertising on the First channel about the long-awaited opening of a casino in Sochi? Well, there where still about the mountains, the sea and already a forbidden pleasure? Opening ceremony in Sochi will take place tomorrow, January 5, where it will arrive a lot of celebrities. No wonder this event is called the Grand opening.

And the very casinos in Sochi will not be a competitor of Las Vegas, then the volume is also quite cool. Here you can play at the same time of about 1.7 thousand people. And the year will visit about 600 thousand players. In the winter of 2017 the Sochi officials expect that in Sochi, in Krasnaya Polyana, will arrive half a million people and most of them will come not from hills on skis to ride and to play in a casino. That is, to access the most forbidden pleasures. Sochi will receive income, according to rough estimates, more than 400 million rubles. In General, all good and useful, despite the fact that we are not talking about the innocent business related to gambling, lost tools, broken lives. To me in connection with this recall is quite another.

Once in Soviet time I was in Hungary. The friends drove to the lake Balaton but not the health to sunbathe and swim, and on a trip to the casino. A purely capitalist institution were employed in this resort place of stay of the Hungarian workers in the times of developed socialism, and brought considerable revenues to the budget of the Hungarian workers ‘ party. Place for a casino was not chosen by chance, because it was near the border with Austria, where in weekends streamed gaming streams, bringing freely converted currency…

Before entering the casino took pictures of us, because “that was the order.” In my child’s question “why”, people in vests, white shirts and ties explained that know about the “card traditions Sochi” and, I may be some secret Sochi Sharpie…
It was a shame, because the gambling game that my friends and I were spread out on the benches in the bushes after a visit to the House of pioneers, called “the fool”, which, frankly, had visited. Growing up, I learned that almost every “Golden autumn” in the Sochi hotel “Primorskaya” do you come as if on vacation, card players from all over the country. Professional Cathala beauty accompanied by very light passing behavior that “gorazdevac” the rich players, if this is not possible the card tricksters. In the secret rooms of the hotel have lost staggering sums in the currency secretly bartered with foreigners vacationing in the nearby interactivecom hotel…

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Believe it or not, the day this mysterious person was playing chess on the beach. In the silence from the accumulation of the Sochi sunbeds next to the sea there was a huge chess tables with pieces the size of a beer bottle and katale day “warming up” at the chess Board, making secret bets these parties against ordinary tourists.

Almost all gamblers had an excellent command of the subtleties of this ancient game, which once again emphasized the high intellectual level of the gamblers.


Was among grandmaster and legendary figures. In the narrow circles of widely known people nicknamed panikovski. Each velvet season he was dropped in Sochi for the big game and for a couple of weeks earned a couple of cars at the prices of the black market and a few apartments. In terms of the present cash basis, it was fifteen million.

All this hidden history of “gaming” Sochi, and it would be naive to say that in the resort town of growing new business, rather, he is reborn. No, rather say that gambling goes legal after signing last year, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev the decree of the government about creation in Sochi gambling zones. Place for card decks and roulette became a territory of the ski resort “Gorki Gorod” in Krasnaya Polyana. Apparently, not a randomly selected and time: during the Christmas holidays ski Sochi welcomes guests of the festival, Grigory Leps, pop star after a concert, probably, will not averse to play cards or spin the roulette. But at the same time advertise glowing lights of the gambling establishment.

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It is clear that gambling around the world a constant source of revenues “unearned income,” and this additional tax increase is fair bet the administration of Krasnodar region and Sochi. Always hungry for the budget hopes to get from the new complex “Sochi Casino and Resort” 430 million rubles a year, and she the gambling zone will be an additional factor attracting tourists to the domestic market of leisure and entertainment. According to the adviser of the head of the Federal tourism Agency Eugene Tow “these objects are very important Sochi is to increase the tourist flow. Domestic tourism year after year shows the growth, but the problem remains the off-season. These features help to solve it, create jobs, increase revenues to the consolidated budget of the region and the country, raise stay at the resort to a new level”.

Do not be casual about their gaming area began in the Crimea And in Sochi bets. Importantly, the new gambling Mecca in the Kuban not to repeat history zone “Azov-city”, which is potentially a winning idea brought to the organizers a huge loss. Their promise to reimburse by paying 10 billion. Apparently, one reason for this lost cause was that the area itself was far from the traditional tourist flows, but maybe someone just decided to open for themselves a better place. It is clear that Sochi is in the midst of such flows almost all year round, in addition near the airport, making for rich players affordable “poker tour of the day.” It should also be noted advantage, the proximity of the border with Abkhazia, where many very poor people who in Soviet times like to “play cards” not for a bagel from the bakery. And Chinese tourists casino will undoubtedly attract.

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