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Forbes estimated benefit from the world Cup in Russia: the country earned at the world Cup, a lot of money

Forbes made a prediction about what economic benefit will bring to Russia the world Championship on football. Journal reminds us that this is the second time in the last five years, when Russia hosted a major international sports tournament (in 2014 in Sochi Winter Olympics took place).

Forbes reports: before the start of the world Cup tournament organizers predicted that as a result of increased tourism and large-scale infrastructure spending the Russian economy will win almost $ 31 billion over the 10 years between 2013 and 2023 (recall that FIFA chose Russia hosting the tournament back in 2010, so 2013 was already ready some of the objects).

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Analysts at Moody’s Investors Service is slightly less optimistic in the estimates of benefits, however, they recognize that the benefits of staging the world Cup is still considerable. In addition to retailers of food and Souvenirs, hotels and telecommunication firms will also benefit such industries as, for example, transport infrastructure, because improved public infrastructure is likely to reduce the need for capital repair expenses in the coming years. But the biggest long-term beneficiary, according to Moody’s, Russian international airports, since the upgraded facilities will support higher ridership, even after the football Championship.

These words are confirmed by the experience of Sochi: despite the fact that since the Winter Olympics has been more than four years, the region still attracts tourists.

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According to analysts Forbes, the economic benefit from the championship will only help Russia in the way of her recovery, which is already quite firmly. The publication explains that as in the last year from two years of recession caused by collapse in oil prices and sanctions, Russia is now in full recovery mode, and investors should pay attention to it. The country’s GDP and production is growing, and public debt is 33 percent of GDP, which is the lowest among the G20.

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