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For Apple iPhone X came case weighing 10 kilograms

Company Softbank unveiled a new case for smartphone Apple iPhone X, which weighs exactly 10 pounds. Accessory not intended for women and men far from sports and strength training because it is made of metal and has the shape of a very real dumbbells.

That’s right: Softbank invites all owners of the tenth IPhone to buy a dumbbell weighing 10 kilograms with a special mount for the smartphone, and it looks absurd, Yes, but only at first glance. In fact, Softbank, located in Japan, seeks to solve two problems at once in the scale of his country: first, she wants to make the Japanese stronger and stronger by pribenik them to the sport, and secondly, she plans to educate people to spend less time huddled over a smartphone.

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Of course, any time you can get iPhone X from this case, but it would be tantamount to admitting defeat in the battle against the fat on the sides, belly and legs. Buy metal case for iPhone X right now on the website Softbank and it costs exactly 100 dollars. Normal 10-pound dumbbell will cost less, and still have a little bit of money on a monthly gym membership.

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