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Football matches can reduce up to 60 minutes of pure time

Футбольные матчи могут сократить до 60 минут чистого времени

IFAB (international football Association Board — the organization responsible for regulation of the rules of the game of football) has developed a new strategy called “Play Fair!” (“Play fair!”), aimed at increasing the entertainment of football matches.

It is proposed, in particular, to reduce the game time from 90 minutes “dirty” time to 60 minutes clean – stops the stopwatch during pauses as it occurs, for example, in hockey and basketball.

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In addition, the IFAB proposes to assign a penalty instead of a free kick in cases where the goalkeeper picks up the ball in his hands in the penalty area after a pass by foot from your player.

One of the ideas is to remove a player who deliberately scores a goal with the hand or plays the ball off on the goal line. If a player knocks the ball away from his goal, it is proposed to activate the goal.

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