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What Americans eat


How to look hypermarkets in America? What products out there than eating three hundred million people? To do this, go on a tour to the most popular store of America — Wal-Mart. 1 When I wrote about my grocery cart that I buy in the States for a week, many …

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Tajik pellet: table decoration & rescue budget


Russian saying, “bread is a head” in Tajikistan widely understood. The Tajik attitude to bread is very respectful. No bread at the table do not sit down. After the meal, all the crumbs from the tablecloth collect and never throw it in the bin. It is considered a sin. Tortillas …

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One of the problems of the Russian team in Rio was bad food


Besides the fact that the Russian athletes regularly face aggression from representatives of other teams, commentators, and foreign media, they have to deal with problems of another kind. Not so long ago it became known that the main annoyance of the Russian national team is the low quality of food. …

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In the United States released non-melting premium ice cream


In the United States released non-melting ice cream. It was invented by 34-year-old Rob Collington, founder of Gastronaut Ice Cream. He admitted that he stole the idea from the museums of the cosmos, which sell dry-frozen ice cream under the brand of Astronaut ice cream. In this Museum ice cream …

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Novosibirsk scientists have created the popcorn for animals


In Novosibirsk put into production extruder is apparatus for the manufacture of so-called popcorn for the animals. On Monday, August 8, reports TASS. The basis for the invention of steel unrealized Soviet development of the last century. The Director of the manufacturer of the extruder Anton Myagkov told that the …

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Estonian robot in Britain engaged in the delivery of products


European firm Just Eat, specializing in services for the delivery of products, spent the first automated delivery in the UK with the help of a robot Estonian firms Starship Technologies. “Last night, the robot performed a fully automated food delivery to a home in the UK”, — wrote in social …

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So, back in the kitchen?


  One of the myths spread by fans of the USSR — it’s about how well and efficiently fed people in this country. Say, the Soviet Union was the quality and variety of products manufactured exclusively from natural raw materials, and the state strongly followed the health of its citizens. …

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The Ritz-Carlton was fined 300 thousand dollars due to price of food


Chinese authorities have fined on 300 thousand dollars, the Ritz-Carlton in Beijing. The reason was an overestimation hotel prices for food. It is reported by the national Commission for development and reform Commission of China (NDRC), writes the South China Morning Post. Officials accused The Ritz-Carlton is that the hotel …

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