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Flu season has begun: how to stop the disease

Autumn is not only the Pushkin leaves and heavy rains, but the season of influenza and SARS, which it is better to prepare in advance and go armed. Many people underestimate the flu, considering it the common cold, which can be moved on the feet, and treatment to limit tea with raspberries. However, this underestimation can be dangerous, and in some cases even fatal.

According to the world health organization (who), every year, flu sick about 10-15% of the total population, and among children this figure rises to 20-30%. “Regular” seasonal flu annually causes three to five million cases of severe illness and leads to 300-650 thousand deaths.

In Russia, according to Ministry of health, influenza and ARVI account for up to 90% of all cases of infectious diseases, their total number exceeds 20 million per year. And the virus strikes, not only the health of citizens, but also on the economy of the country. In 2016, 83% of the total economic damage caused by infectious diseases were influenza and SARS. And tens of billions of rubles of losses.

Unfortunately, the vaccine that would put an end to the flu, as with smallpox or measles, still exists, since the virus is constantly mutating (changing). Doctors still suggest be vaccinated annually against influenza, as the vaccine is also regularly updated. But a hundred percent to protect against the disease vaccination, especially if they caught another strain of the virus.

That is why the home kit should be a drug that will help the body to fight the virus and prevent its spread at an early stage. As in the case of vaccines, the pharmacology is not standing still and offers more and more modern drugs against influenza and ARVI. On the Russian market not so long ago there was a drug “Nobasic” which is an original chemical compound belonging to a derivative of isonicotinic acid — aneamia iodide.

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There is information that this compound was developed in the Soviet times, but then on General sale has not been received. But it can be found in the “secret Cabinet” of those people who are on duty to hurt no way. The drug helped them to quickly get to his feet. Now aneamia iodide became available to consumers.

According to Deputy chief physician of sanitary and epidemiological issues of infectious hospital № 1 of Moscow Marina Bazarova, for the treatment of viral infections is necessary to ensure timely administration of drugs that protect against viruses, and reducing their concentration.

“Some of these drugs are inducer of interferon, and other antiviral drugs. If antiviral drug, it should be consumed in the first three days of the disease. If the time to begin using antiviral agents, the temperature may be reduced on the second and especially the third day,” explained the medic.

Drug “Nobasic”, in contrast to the majority of drugs against influenza and SARS, has a complex action, so no need to choose between the two types of drugs. If we abandon the strictly medical terminology, we can say that “Nobasic” causes sickness triple blow. First, it has a direct antiviral effect. The drug blocks the surface protein of the virus — hemagglutinin, which allows the virus to attach to the membrane of the cells, and thereby prevents its further growth and dissemination.

Second, “Nobasic” has interferonogenic properties. Interferons are substances of protein nature, which are allocated by the body in response to the invading virus and help to fight off the infection. Interferon Alfa inhibits the replication of the virus, and interferon gamma renders it cells of the body. “Nobasic” increases the concentration of both types of interferons in the blood is 3-4 times that helps to ease the fight the infection.

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Finally, in the third “Nobasic” helps to reduce the symptoms of influenza and SARS, as high fever, headache and chills. This is due to the more rapid withdrawal of the virus from the body and reducing intoxication, which causes all those nasty symptoms.

Say, if to treat a runny nose, it will last a week and if left untreated — 7 days. To the flu and SARS is not the case. The faster you act, the easier it will be for disease. “Nobasic” is valid for any stage of the disease, but it is better to start treatment at the first signs of the disease.

Also we must not forget about the rest of the funds help with the flu and SARS. Any doctor will tell you that almost the first thing you need to care is plenty of warm drinks — tea with lemon, broth hips, fruit drinks, fruit drinks, mineral water without gas.

From fatty, fried and spicy food at the time of illness should be abandoned. But doctors have proved what “Granny” means, as chicken soup really helps with colds, as it contained a mixture of vitamins and nutrients, has anti-inflammatory action.

Do not forget to ventilate the room and do wet cleaning, preferably several times a day. And, of course, if there is no improvement within three days should always consult with a physician adjusted the treatment and made sure that the disease is without complications.

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