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Strengthening bite


Fishing often have to face the fact that for a long time suddenly interrupted, biting prey and white fish. This requires the angler to come up with many different tricks to trigger the fish at least for the rare bite. In particular, the strengthening of bite can be achieved as …

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In the early autumn with a float


Weather in September is characterized by increased morning mists, the gradual decrease of night temperatures, cold morning dew. Markedly lengthened nights. With the reduction temperature and the reduction of daylight die microscopic algae, and the water gradually becomes transparent. Aquatic plants cease to increase young shoots. With further decrease of …

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Savkina pit


Strictly speaking, this is not a pit, and extensive shallow ples, with several rather deep pits scattered near the coast. He completes the chain stretches, stretching along a narrow steppe rivers Sinaisky (Sinyavki locally), located not far from the big village of a Handful. He then dives into a narrow …

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Children’s joy in anticipation of the soup!


What a summer nod, everyone knows, but not everyone catches celkovou tackle from the boat. Meanwhile, this method is very exciting and sometimes quite profitable. This is especially true when fishing with a nod from the Bank for any reason is difficult, for example, if after rains flooded the shore …

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Morning on the lake


I caught fish in late August on lake Somino, in Pereslavl district of the Yaroslavl region, in small rubber boats. Reservoir flow, because as it is on the border of two rivers. Vexy arising from Pleshcheyevo lake and flows into the Somino and the Nerl arising from Somino and flows …

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In jig fishing count down the seconds of the fall lure is a very necessary thing. It not only allows you to understand more clearly how deep is your bait, but on subsequent casts to compare the figures and draw conclusions: throw to the sideline or throw, managed to score …

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How to choose fishing line?


According to my calculations, by the end of calendar summer cheap fishing line purchased at the beginning of the season, should exhaust their “ability”. And before anglers early in the season neat autumn fishing can be a question of purchasing a new line. I want to draw

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Fish dominant


To catch the line, most anglers have relatively rare. It is believed that many of the lines don’t get caught, if you really want to. In part, this assertion is true. Populations of tench in ponds, as a rule, small. But there are waters where the tench is a fish …

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On spinning without hooks


Each spinner had to deal with the problem of catches and breaks tackles. Many lost a great catchability lures are often quite expensive. This is because often the predator is hammered in the “lining” and “Chapurniki”, where you can see and hear the bumps a fair amount of tails. In …

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Sea, spinning, sunsets…


Pebble beach with clear water near the village Dzhubga (but away from the public beach). On the shore of the tent, or rather two (the second as toilet rooms, nevertheless, resting with your family, you need to provide comfort). Between them, as between the two peaks of mount Elbrus… is …

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