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Float in ice water


When the cold comes, heralding the winter, fish activity is greatly reduced. It is therefore necessary for fishing float rod carefully to choose seats for the upcoming fishing to the extremely light and thin with a float snap-in securely to see a neat touch to the bait of roach, bream …

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Autumn plug


Fall fishing on the course is considered difficult. Cast with a float snap with the free sailing now rarely catch a big fish. The reason is very simple, the lure gets in field of vision fish for a very short time. Overfed during the summer the fish are not chasing …

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Bait in cold water


One of the most important techniques in the tactics of fishing is complementary feeding. By season and under different fishing conditions, and then compiled on the pond properly prepared bait solves two main tasks: to attract fish of particular types and enhancing its bite. Moreover, one should not exclude the …

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Pike preferences fall


In the autumn, when the water is cold and transparent, pike greatly complicated by the conditions of the hunt, and the need for food increase. At this time, the right choice of bait or timely change will ensure the success of fishing lures. In early autumn the pike are often …

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October – the time the kranks’


Recently in October, I prefer fishing for conjunction lures-crank. Talking about this photo from my archive, Pestryaev IDE, Chub and ASP. With the ides photos the most. But it’s not because they are better caught than other fish. They just favored. Choose the right type of bait and fishing method …

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Fall for the carp


The long-entrenched belief that in the cool autumn water-loving carp, crucian carp and tench stop feeding. They seem to recede into the deepest places and deposited there for the winter. And yet there is a myth that carp generally buries itself in bottom mud, where it falls into hibernation for …

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In The Russian North. Rafting


Last summer I responded to the invitation on the Internet to go Hiking in Arkhangelsk oblast. The head of the undertaking was Sergey Stepanov. Our team consisted of five men and one girl, Tatyana. Arriving by train to the glorious city of Arkhangelsk, we loaded the equipment in a pre-ordered …

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Fixed gear in the fall


With the arrival of sustained cold weather and late arrivals and aquatic vegetation on the bottom, fishing conditions on many water bodies are changing. To prepare tackle and cunning tactics, strategies for catching sluggish autumn fish have almost a clean slate. Predatory fish, unlike summer, are no longer satisfied with …

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For large minnow


Normal size of the minnow is well known. Minnows traditionally fished in small rivers and even streams. In the summer you can literally choose a hunt from a standing flock of fish. Moving around the bottom of the blue over the minnows occasionally go to the core of the flow …

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With the Bologna tackle


Autumn Bologna fishing is good in its way: here is a great efficiency with the right choice of a place of catching, and comfortable, and the lack of sweltering heat, mosquitoes and gnats. But we should not forget that the key to success is the active search for fish schools, …

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