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Autumn holidays


In late autumn it seems that all reservoirs are alike. Lonely, almost bare trees, withered grass, low cloud, morning frost… But in water life does not stop. Don snags Gloomy predictions about the brown water on the don did not materialize. It was getting dark, but suddenly stopped. Again became …

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Bass in pre-winter


On the eve of winter, many anglers are very fond of different ways to hunt big redfish, because this are numerous in our waters, the predator with a strong cooling water is collected in a dense wintering flocks and happy gambling bites throughout the day, unless, of course, the accumulation …

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The Reservoir Of The Kuban


July fishing in the reservoirs of the Kuban interesting and profitable. Seasoned anglers, who traveled the expanses of Kuban up and down, you know, a lot of small reservoirs, where the fish are and biting well. Mass angler attractive large reservoir. They at all on hearing, because the interest is …

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Bite weight in gold


The don in front of the ice pike is concentrated in the upper reaches of the Tsimlyansk reservoir, where it is caught from boats, who knows how. In such fishing, of course, the conceit angler grows every caught a dozen perch, but in conversation with eye to eye many admit …

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Stories about minigig


I used to think that to catch a spinning on the lake or erike interesting bait that require complex animations. Twitching, catching in the grass, accurate casts the lure under the wall of reeds, passion for pike on topwater – all this is compensated by the smaller size of the …

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Autumn bream on the course


Bream along the outline looks similar to a bream, but only in the eyes of the inexperienced angler. This fish is common in almost all the European territory. The only limit in distribution is the water temperature. In ponds where water temperature in summer months is below 16 ° C, …

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In late autumn


Gone is the Golden autumn. For a long time and stood still Sunny days, enmeshed in webs of light — messengers of “Indian summer”. And it seemed it would last forever: these foggy mornings and mild days filled with Golden light. But one morning suddenly tightened haze clear sky, the …

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The time of the pike


When autumn starts faster seek-winter, then finally to the limit cools the water in big rivers, lakes and reservoirs, where usually different live large, trophy fish. It ice water causes the activation of hardened pike, during the warm season as if “hidden” in a dark and cool depths, where almost …

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In The Russian North. Megersa lake


The last dam on the river Verhotina left behind, and in front of the access to the system Megorsky lakes, stretching from West to East to three dozen kilometers. Here originates the salmon river MEGRA — the final stage of the water journey. A system of lakes connected by canals …

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Carp and carp in the autumn


It is known that in some reservoirs the crucian and carp are caught not only in autumn but also off the ice. The reason for this behavior may lie in the lack of food. From this fact follow two important for the angler output. First, carp and carp can be …

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