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Floats for great depth


At the dawn of the tackle for the “long cast” in building a float snap-in, there were a lot of experiments on the use of moving floats with two points of attachment on the fishing line. The result was that it is inconvenient and not necessary. With floats with two …

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Perch on a micro jig


The beginning of summer and end of the spawning season — a favorite time not only for poplavochnikov and fans of catching “white” fish. It is at this time starts posledeistvie biting of a predator which follows the shallow lakes and reservoirs. On melakah with climbing vegetation, the predator will …

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Big fish Kukan


In the period of open water is practiced many ways of fishing aimed at catching large fish, for storage of which the majority of fishing net cages is not strong enough. Also surround SADC is very difficult to move around the body, if, for example, fishing with a spinning or …

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Technique Kvacany


As I have said in the past your essay, in my practice of catching catfish on Kwok tried a lot of Kwok. It happened that I was unable to work some Kwok, a friend they worked quite well. This suggests that the technique of Kvacany individual. However, you can still …

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“Unusual” floats


Some forms of floats have become so classic that the appearance of a particular design that is different from the “spindles”, “drops” or “channel”, is perceived as a window dressing. Experience shows that if the float is of an unusual design mass-produced, on good hardware, of good materials, it is …

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And it’s summer!


Raw wind, smelling of the North, the monotone of the rain on the roof, sweep across the sky scraps of gray and ragged clouds. It seems that all the autumn came unexpectedly and forever. The morning will open and washed clean by rain the sky is still blue with the …

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With a short rod


Among the anglers have long formed a stereotype that the longer the rod the farther and committed cast with a float snap-in, the bite will be better, and catch weight. This may be true, but only at certain times, for example, in the fall when the fish far from coastal …

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On the border of thickets


Underwater plants are the most important native forage for fish during the warmer time of the year. Vegetation is a refuge for larvae, worms, snails, crustaceans, fry of the year. At different times of day, in different conditions, different fish visits the place of the reservoir with well-developed vegetation. Big …

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The Americans on the forbidden land


Foreign commercial fishing, tourism probably started in the eighties. And oddly enough, it is strictly forbidden for tourists of foreign countries, the more capitalist countries. It all began with the arrival from the USA to Moscow in rosohotrybolovsouz President of the fishing Association Trout Unlimited (TU) bill Davis, who expressed …

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The influence of smell on the bite


Due to the reduction of a livestock of a fish and because of the fierce competition among fishermen modern fishing is almost impossible without the introduction of the bait and even the nozzle of attractants and flavors that attract a particular fish in place of fishing. The use of such …

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