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With teachers on a fishing trip


Nice, you know, to fish with those, thanks to whom he once made a qualitative step and began to fish without any animal or plant tips. What can I say, the dream came true idiot (my) – we’re going on five days, all three of bismuthinite. Go, where to drive …

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Bream perch instead


As well, when the ice fishing season begins in November! And especially good when it is opaque. And with the transparent ice good fish is not very sexually, she is afraid of the Fisher. There are, of course, fishing craft and in such a case, but it is much better …

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How I stopped being a beginner


The specifics of ice fishing we have in the Volgograd region is not the fish finder, and to search the pond, where the fish are and caught. Rarely is the main task for winter fishing is the search from scratch. Most often I’m going fishing on the famous pond where …

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First ice – the first surprise


An endless string of red lights in front of my hood and headlights behind the car and admired, and made me nervous. That day, Saturday November 26, in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, where lakes and Eric are guaranteed to become ice, from Volgograd left, probably all anglers. All go fast, because …

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Perch priglyadno


Fishing priglyadno is popular in small bodies of water, not particularly deep. In order to fully control the action of the lure, you should choose coastal areas with depths up to five feet. Experienced anglers take a promising place in advance, during the fall catch — the position of the …

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First ice the pike


As soon as the first ice, many anglers go after the pike. She is now at the peak of activity, it feeds both day and night, probably tends to stock up on fat for the winter. Predators from the ice are caught on spinners and imitation fish. The pike fishing …

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And the fish feed!


On the eve of winter Victor called friend, who lives on the banks of the Oskol river, at the confluence of Stary Oskol reservoir. Saying that the water was black with fish from the reservoir went down in the river, a huge flock… Victor immediately called Vladimir and comrades rushed, …

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For perch on thin ice


In the first weeks freeze-up to ice cold water better than other fish usually adapt a medium-sized perch-travanti, constantly living in shallow water, where water has long been cold. Therefore, at the beginning of winter, when doing a large number of holes easily, the most venturesome and profitable fishing in …

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The soul asks pike!


It’s been nearly a month since I waiting for the first winter pike. When you sit utterly relaxed, and it suddenly breaks out, as swayed in the wind as sharahnet on the head and legs, then only using half of the race, realize that he’s probably forgotten bagaric and again …

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The world congewai fishing


It really exists, this magical and fantastic world. And it is no exaggeration multifaceted, diverse and surprisingly interesting. Everyone who was once fond of trout fishing on the artificial fly, became its integral part. If you think that, after spending a few days on congewai fishing, you will remain the …

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