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Filaret, the Ukrainian Church will be the largest in the world

Unrecognized Moscow Kiev Patriarch Filaret sure that after receipt of the autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will be the largest in the world, ahead of the ROC.

The non-canonical Primate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyivan Patriarchate, Patriarch Filaret, is convinced that after receiving autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will be the largest in the world, leaving behind the Moscow Patriarchate. This opinion he expressed in an interview with news Agency “RBC Ukraine”, published on Monday, September 17.

“In Soviet times, the Ukrainian Church was about 60% of the parishes of the entire Russian Church. In fact, the Ukrainian Exarchate constituted more than half of the Moscow Patriarchate. When will now established an Autocephalous Ukrainian Church, it will not go to less than half of the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate (MP) is not the largest in the world. That is, he will not have such influence. And in the Orthodox world there will be peace” – said Filaret.

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The Patriarch of Kiev has expressed readiness to take all the hierarchs of the UOC-MP in the new local Church. “According to our calculations, up to two thirds of the bishops are ready to move into one Church. They will stimulate that the MP parishes themselves begin to move. So bishops may remain without a parish and be forced to go for his flock,” says Filaret. He is sure that the Ukrainian Church will receive the autocephaly of the Synod of the Church of Constantinople, 9-11 October.

The historical merit of Poroshenko

Filaret praised the achievements of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the Ukrainian struggle of the Church to receive Autocephalous. “In the history of the President Poroshenko will go down regardless of whether it will be re-elected for a second term. It will be impossible to erase from history the fact that he managed to obtain autocephaly for the Ukrainian Church. Previous presidents have wanted this, but did not reach, and Poroshenko reached,” – said the Kiev Patriarch.

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He rejected accusations of the Russian Orthodox Church that Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople too closely associated with the United States and the Pope. “It’s all Russian propaganda. If you blame the Ecumenical Patriarch, then look at yourself. You aren’t independent from the Russian President? You are dependent on him, listen to him, and if so, why would you put the blame on others? The US is interested in freedom, democracy and human rights. Ukraine freely appealed to the Ecumenical Patriarch for Thomas. Ukraine has a freedom of religious choice, and the United States, of course, support this freedom,” – said Filaret.

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