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Fifth in team Beatles

Пятый в команде Beatles

The team was the Beatles, as you know, four musicians. Others – those who used to perform together with the legendary four – forgotten. And yet there are people that have an undeniable right to the title “fifth”.

Undeniable “the fifth beatle” can be considered a German named Klaus Forman (Klaus Voormann). On 29 April he was 80 years old. Perhaps you’ve never heard of this name, however, already know man, anyway, in absentia, if seen, it looks like the album “Revolver”. The cover of this legendary album issued Klaus Forman. And it’s not only his personal contribution to the history of pop culture. He never bathed in the glory, but behind the scenes of show business was his co-author, colleague and friend of the titans format, Randy Newman, Lou reed, Harry Nilsson, B. B. king and, of course, The Beatles.

All music encyclopedias Klaus Forman referred to as a close friend of the Beatles and most influential person of the Hamburg stage of their career. All true, but in fact lost a living person. And it turns out, are incredibly charismatic, phenomenally modest and still has not exhausted its creative potential.

Bohemian samples

Familiarity Claus and The Beatles took place in 1960. Little-known even outside of the Liverpool team of Paul, John, George, STU and partisan on tour, drummer Pete best played concerts in Hamburg. And that’s just in the same day, future celebrity was on stage the now legendary club “Kaiserkeller” in Hamburg’s red light district, I passed by Klaus, at that time a 22-year-old student of art College. From the club came the loud and pushy beat. Klaus stopped and listened, intrigued, I went to see. Before that, he only listened to jazz, and the first acquaintance with rock ‘ n ‘ roll struck him. The next concert of The Beatles Klaus brought his Hamburg friends-photographers Kirchherr Astrid (Astrid Kirchherr) and Follmer Jurgen (Jürgen Vollmer), who studied with him in the School of design. The appearance of a Bohemian of the Trinity among the regulars in black leather jackets, boots with pointed toes, and with a pomaded forelock has not gone unnoticed.

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Paul McCartney recalls: “I still see them profesorului through the hall, listened to us play, and landed at the counter. They look incredibly stylish and very mysterious”.

Suede jackets and long black scarves handmade Astrid gave the mysterious strangers of the adherents of the French existentialism, who they were according to the fashion of the time. The Beatles liked the Bohemian trio, Bohemian trio liked “Bedlam”. Liverpool’s side took over at his new friends with their style, including a haircut “under the pot”, under which Klaus hid their protruding ears. Then they returned to England. Soon across the channel and was followed by Klaus.

In a communal apartment with Beatles

In London, Klaus settled in the apartment of George Harrison and Ringo Starr, which slid to his then girlfriends McCartney and Lennon. And then John asked Klaus to make an album cover “Revolver”. So there was the legendary collage, for which Klaus foreman in 1966 he received the prize Grammy, becoming the first German to receive this award in the category of Best Album Cover. And just on account of his about hundreds of important covers for the albums of various musicians and groups.

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In London, Klaus began to play bass guitar and has performed with Manfred Men and Plastic Ono Band, and Randy Newman, Lou reed, Harry Nilsson, B. B. king, as well as with the “Beatles”. When he released the album “Walls and Bridges” John Lennon asked who was on bass, and John replied with a strong German accent: “Klaus Forman. We all know Klaus, ja”. Sam Forman In 1971 moved to Los Angeles, then returned to Germany and now lives in the suburbs of Munich.

All you need is Klaus

Close ties with friends and acquaintances, whose names today produce a reverent trembling, not weakened with time. For Claus the doors of their houses and their past opened for the German documentary filmmaker Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Carly Simon, Richard Perry, Twiggy, and other legendary figures of show business. Present at the talks Forman habit modestly stayed on the sidelines, but his charm is stained by a star parade in a delightfully intimate undertones.

Klaus Forman says never sought the orders. People come to him and ask: “Hey, Klaus, make a poster for woody Allen”. And he spins the clarinet is elegant knot.

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