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Fate is symbolic of the boy

Судьба символического мальчика

Судьба символического мальчика

Remember that this boy Omran Dacnusa, a photo that was publicized by the Western media as one of the symbols of the brutality of the Assad regime and the Russian military.

Судьба символического мальчика

The boy recovered and is now living in liberated from the terrorists in Aleppo. There is an opinion that in its present state the Western press, he abruptly ceases to be interesting. Smiling children, the Syrian flag, it’s heresy, this can not be. Moreover, the boy’s father said that he offered money that he made against the Syrian government, becoming one of the “girl of Bana”.

Судьба символического мальчика

For simple interviews against the Assad regime offered him $ 5,000. But the father did not take the money than have stymied the use of son as a propaganda tool.
The link there is a video with English subtitles, where the boy’s father tells how they wanted to use for a promotional campaign.

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But a much less happy story about a boy from Donbass. Yesterday, during shelling the outskirts of Donetsk killed 37-year-old woman was injured and her son (heavy wound to the abdomen)
The boy’s father was killed earlier in the fighting with the Ukrainian army in the Donbas, which is why the child was left an orphan.

The child, who was wounded in the shelling of Donetsk, is in serious condition. The boy was diagnosed with mine blast trauma, penetrating wound of the abdomen, shrapnel wounds of the liver, the large and small intestines, the right hand and right thigh. Now he is out of surgery and is in intensive care in Donetsk Republican children’s clinical hospital. His mom was killed.
“The surgeons have done their job, the child is in intensive care. Predictions hard to say, it took only six hours after the operation,” — said Valery Kovalev, head of Department on emergency surgical care in comments to channel Life.
As previously reported, on the eve of about 21.20 Kiev security forces fired at the Petrovsky district of Donetsk. Under fire was the street Amu-Darya near the settlement of mine Trudovskaya. At this time, the street was a mother and son. Mine exploded right next to them. 37-year-old woman was killed on the spot. Her son was seriously wounded. zinc

Another victim of the “truce”.

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