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Far East: the people took away hope

Дальний Восток: У людей отняли надежду

You may not believe this, but people in the Far East there are no more forces to look at how to implement so-called state policy of the macro. So I want to ask: how long will all this senseless show? How much?! How much for turbulent simulated work activities will be spent insane amounts of money?

Minvostokrazvitiya Russia cheerfully report that all is going according to plan: investment flows billions of the territory of advancing socio-economic development are growing like mushrooms after the rain, the Exodus stopped, made a bunch of different mechanisms, ranging from Agency for development of human capital and ending with modes of available ports.

As the apotheosis of this is the recent statement of the Ministry about the need to increase the amount of money to move those who wish to live and work in the far East from 225 thousand to 1 million rubles.

Why do you think this initiative was the last straw for the local population?

The answer is obvious — because the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin a few years ago gave hope to the far East that the far East will become a promising area with which to associate their future and the future of his family.

But what happened in reality?

In fact, immediately created a bunch of different bureaucratic structures began to conduct large-scale summits, to announce some Grand opportunities and financial investments. But the real movement as there was no and no.

Each one of those projects that at the hearing, fails.

To the far Eastern hectare is possible, only if you’re lucky, that site is not busy. So ill-conceived scheme, unprepared, even the cards are separated. Not so long ago, members of the onf have tested this scheme and see it in person.

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According to the report of the accounts chamber of the Russian Federation on October 1, 2017 established 18 areas of advancing socio-economic development in eight regions. But the amount of tax revenue obtained from residents of areas of advancing socio-economic development and the free port, “does not have a significant impact on the revenues of the budgets of the regions of DFO”.

The so-called “far Eastern” sections and special events aimed at advancing the development of the macroregion, which blow everywhere and which requires the President allocated only 4 of the 27 state programs. 16 state programs and 2 projects of the state programs highlighted in “far Eastern” sections do not provide for development of the macro-region 5 state programs — “far” sections are missing.

Moreover, it was found that the lowest level of performance among all government programs in the country falls on the state program “Socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region” – only 34.7 per cent. How does that work? The money is allocated, but officials are not able to master them?

What to say about the performance of government programs, even if the budget statements of the Ministry of Russia for the year 2016 the chamber has considered false! They themselves can not count, not that of the state program to fulfill.

And amid all this mess — one million visitors.

The locals understand that all these meaningless gestures cost the state budget huge amounts of money. But where are the money? Where to go and what?

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And the indigenous people of the far East are voting with their feet.

According to the latest statistics of far Eastern regions, the outflow of population from far Eastern Federal years only intensified. People are leaving, despite all the efforts of the authorities, despite the demographic policy concept. And that is the most direct indicator of state policy in respect of the macro.

But instead of that to finally start to think with your head, take normal comprehensive law that for several years, as drafted by senators-the far East, and just get to work, we have… the next “big” idea to increase the amount of money visitors.

You know, in this situation, I want to say only one thing: you’ll either do something to the conscience and let the impact of this will be not now, but eventually will. Either don’t do anything at all. The bulk of the population is sure that the far East is alive and growing. Especially since the President himself said. Especially Vice Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev has not stopped talking about it from the media. And in fact, in addition to uninformed decisions, it’s pointless money spent of budget and overgrown bureaucracy, nothing happens.

People are pissed at the government when it does nothing. But when people have an ephemeral hope, and it takes… It is fraught with not just moving from the Far East to another region of the country, and a perfect disbelief in their own state and the competence of its management.

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