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Face to patriots

When our government makes a move that, as it seems, it is absolutely not necessary, it makes you wary.

The community is thrilled. Vladimir Putin submitted to the state Duma a bill on partial decriminalization of the infamous 282 “extremist” articles of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. That some of the wording of this article could be interpreted too widely, for many years spoke not only those who have been condemned through it, or their relatives, but many others — from liberal human rights activists to brutal nationalists. Dissatisfaction is particularly intensified when 282nd started to plant for posts, reposts, and even huskies in social networks.

And then it happened! In June 2018 held another “direct line” with Putin’s people. During this action the Deputy of the state Duma Sergei Shargunov has complained that “Patriotic young people” planted for the organization of the innocent communities and reposts in social networks. Vladimir Putin in his usual manner, just in passing, noticed that “it is impossible to bring everything to the point of absurdity and insanity” and, in General, need to understand something.

The theme, as usual, was widely discussed Pro-Kremlin “civil society” and, tellingly, people in uniform immediately found that “in some places we sometimes” in this article, put unreasonably.

In the thus prepared soil, and fell blessed the presidential bill. “The yoke of serfdom, he rents the old light replaced, and a slave to the fate blessed…” Hate the opposition and human rights part of the society article 282 will be mitigated. Now for the not very dangerous “extremist” actions will face only administrative responsibility (fines, public works and so on), and the criminal will attack only the second such offense.

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Naturally, the degree of public danger of those or other actions or statements in each case will determine a particular judge based on their perceptions about what is “extremism” and what is not, but mainly focusing on the fluids emanating from the leaders of the “party and government” (not to mention their direct instructions). But, whatever it was, roll in the direction of leniency on this article are now obvious.

Of course, the only document submitted to the Duma and not even passed the first reading. But it is clear that it is possible to speak already as about fully approved. It’s the President’s bill, and therefore problems with its passage in the lower house will not. Ready to take bets — something (probably inner voice) tells me that it will be adopted unanimously, and in each of the three readings.

The same inner voice tells me another. What if Putin, for whatever their reasons decided not to mitigate, but rather to tighten the article 282, the Duma, though not without loud statements of his manual of the opposition, too, would have supported him. Because the king’s word, and we have the law…

Several other less clear is why the authorities now need softening “extremist” articles? She could choose a third option is to change nothing and not even raise this issue. But he raised. Why? Public opinion? Do not tell! The government itself it creates. And if the company really have something that people are massively outraged, but it is necessary to the Kremlin, such sentiments you can try to change Putin’s charisma and a well-organized propaganda campaign manual channels. If that does not work, as happened in the time of the adoption of the pension reform, Putin is discontent simply ignores it.

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So in what then business? I have this account two hypotheses. The first is that after a long stay in power, some autocrats become softer and more liberal. Some, as in the time of Ivan the terrible, even begin to repent — there was this ruler closer to retirement… However, this assumption is offset by the fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich decrepit old man does not like. From the media we know that he’s watching physical sports. And soul seems to melt away is not going to.

The second explanation is more pragmatic. It is well known that article 282 hardest annoyed Patriotic opposition to the regime. Not coincidentally Shargunov in its June communication with your President referred to the “Patriotic boys”… Softening this article, the government obviously gains new allies within Russia. Their energy is always possible to send both domestic and foreign projects. After all around enemies, and then under the feet of so much potential… Sin not to use them.

In fact, with the “extremist” article will happen is that the head of the international human rights group “Agora” Pavel Chikov calls using “Dudinsky” scheme (named Ildar Dading, who was convicted for “repeated violations” of the law on the organization of pickets and rallies according to article 212.1 of the criminal code). That is, for “extremism,” the plant still will, though not the first time.

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