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Extreme Russophobia in Latvia – Russian banned even in private Universities

Крайняя русофобия Латвии - русский запретили даже в частных ВУЗах

Fire Russophobia that swept Latvia, made up some absolutely terrifying scale — of the state, a significant percentage of the population speaks in Russian, trying to completely oust this is the Russian language. This is evidenced, in particular, another Russophobic law, this time banning the Russian language in private higher education institutions.

From the Latvian state universities Russian language eradicated long ago, but which was observed until recently the situation with the Russian language in Latvia, as it turned out, was not the most radical, because now it was banned in private universities and colleges.

“Higher education institutions operating in which learning programmes do not meet the basic provisions of the law on education, can continue to implement its training programme until the completion of their term of accreditation”, — said on the eve of the official representatives of the Ministry of science and education of Latvia.

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Said and added that after the first of January 2019, the admission of students for such programs will be banned.

According to Latvian legislation, the education in foreign languages can be for programs where by himself a foreign language is essential for the achievement of educational goals.

That is, we are talking about educational programs related to the study of foreign languages or cultural differences in other countries.

“Taking into account the amendments to the law which regulates the education, implementing educational programs at the stage of secondary education should be compliance with the mandatory conditions of the language of instruction in universities and colleges”, — added in the Ministry.

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The Latvian authorities regulate the execution parameters of educational programs, so you can install the specific languages in which classes are held.

Accordingly, the prohibition of the Russian language in private universities and colleges appears to be completely legitimate from the point of view of the law.

“All the changes that are connected with language policy in education aimed at the gradual transition to teaching in the state language only. Until recently, the law prohibited the education in foreign languages only in public schools, but now the time has come, when the measures should be applied to private universities”, — says the Latvian Ministry of education and science.

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