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Experts have called the most quality cars in the world

Эксперты назвали самые качественные автомобили в мире

Automotive experts have told the motorists about the most conscientious producers who give the market a really high quality machines.

The rating was created on the basis of received via the online survey data, which was attended by about seventy six thousand motorists owning a new American car. The volunteers had to answer over two hundred questions concerning the challenges they had to face during the first ninety days of use. After analysis, experts have identified the measure of the average ratio of breakdowns per hundred cars of each brand under consideration.

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Thus a hundred Korean car brand Genesis, had only about seventy of defects. The second most reliable car was the KIA (72/100). In addition, the rating includes such brands as Hyandai, with the index at two marks above, Porsche and Ford. These vehicles scored increased to one hundred. There were also those who greatly exceed Land Rover, Jaguar and Volvo.

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In addition, the experts noted that the overall quality has increased all manufacturers literally 4%.

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