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Experts Assembly lines Ford will wear exoskeletons

Специалисты сборочных линий Ford облачатся в экзоскелеты

Ford became the first manufacturer to officially obruchevsk working the Assembly lines in special exoskeletons. The first new vehicle received the European employees of the Ford factory in Valencia.


Специалисты сборочных линий Ford облачатся в экзоскелетыFuturistic costumes provide support for your back and shoulders by transferring the load to the hips. Due to this significantly reduced the probability of injury during work.

The exoskeleton is made of titanium and carbon fiber. They allow the conveyor to lift, move or carry anything weighing more than three pounds, when you want to perform these operations in an uncomfortable position.

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Специалисты сборочных линий Ford облачатся в экзоскелеты«Work on the Assembly line requires knowledge, skill and is physically demanding. Exoskeletons look like something out of science fiction, but they do help to reduce the burden on our employees and facilitate the implementation of physically complex operations“—said the automaker.

The suits provide protection and support, reducing fatigue and chance of injury by reducing the load and strain from repetitive movements which over time can harm the body. Ford believes that by introducing new items will particularly benefit older staff.

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Специалисты сборочных линий Ford облачатся в экзоскелетыThe use of exoskeletons is part of Ford strategy aimed at the development of the concept “industry 4.0”. This term refers to the fourth industrial revolution, involving the introduction of automation, data exchange and new production technology.

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