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Expert opinion on the supply of Javelin Kiev: the situation in the Donbas will not change

Экспертное мнение о поставках Javelin Киеву: ситуации на Донбассе не изменит

The journalist of the edition of Newsweek Shane Croucher pondered the reaction of the Russian President Vladimir Putin after reports that the US has put Kiev anti-tank missiles Javelin. She expects that Moscow will be followed by a powerful angry reaction.

Ukrainian leaders have long asked Washington to supply to Ukraine equipment and missile production Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, namely: 210 missiles Javelin and 37 blocks sighting Javelin launcher equipment, and to train staff, provide technical assistance, logistics and program support. Shane Croucher is also remembered on the reaction of Maria Zakharova, when she accused the U.S. of complicity in the mass murder of people.

However, the deal is done: rockets delivered. What’s next? How will this affect the combat readiness of the APU?

According to Michael carpenter, Director of the analytical Center Biden at the University of Pennsylvania and a former employee of the Pentagon, the rules of the game in Ukraine will not change, and APU.

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Ukrainian defense Minister Stepan Poltorak also has no illusions. Carpenter is right that it is better to reform the army and start to produce their own anti-tank weapons, not to pay Washington. Poltorak said that the supplied missiles is not enough: put 35 units, and must be not less than 10 thousand. The difference is obvious.

Eduard Basurin, the representative of operative command of the DNI, lowered Petro Poroshenko to the ground, shattering the illusion of the combat power of the APU, saying that in the people’s Republic has a weapon capable to resist to any weapon the army of Ukraine, including the U.S. systems. The only reason for supply – cut of a multimillion-dollar financial contracts volitality in Kiev.

Military expert Alexei Leonov also sure that the us systems do in the Donbass will not substantially change. Most importantly, people, not weapons, albeit modern. If you recall, from the beginning of the civil war the advantage militarily was at APU, and what is the result? The militia collected the trophies of modern American weapons supplied to Kiev. So, the station counterbattery got to them.

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A lot of PR around the supply, much ADO about nothing. Neither the military nor the experts believe that the Javelin will help to suppress the resistance of the LDNR and take Kiev these territories under their control. And that I did not remember about the confusion and vacillation in the Ukrainian army, which will negate any strategic and military advantage. And Russia should not provoke, for it is fraught with consequences.

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