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Euro for 100 rubles will make the country closed

“The dollar grows and becomes stronger”. “The dollar reached the mark of 65 rubles.” “The dollar rose to 66 rubles.” “For the first time in two years, the dollar rate exceeded 68 rubles.” I read the news and do not quite understand whether the dollar jumped in price, and how fatal to us this jump. All because I don’t remember how much the dollar was worth a month ago. And a year ago. I’m not interested, I have a dollar we have no relationship — my life in recent years tied to the Euro.

These panic headlines about the growth of the dollar and controbute to deter people panic emerges something either stupid, or hypocritical. Because few people today of the residents of cities of Western Russia is calculated in dollars. In St. Petersburg, I can’t imagine anyone who’d be worried about the U.S. currency. But all matter how much, because Petersburg travels to Europe, buys Finnish products, pays for a Schengen visa — all of this is tied to the Euro. Among Muscovites, I think, too, more of those who follow the Euro, not the dollar. The vast majority of all travel in Europe accounts for residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Tens of millions more or less fed and a traveling man in our country should be, in theory, to worry about the Euro. But all the screaming about the dollar. Meanwhile, the Euro has risen to four rubles. And for me, it’s far more trouble than the appreciation of the dollar. Right now I’m in Europe. Sit on the beach and wondering if I can come back here again.

In recent years, each big trip to Europe I feel like I’m in the latter. Because every time, if I were to leave the Euro bounce.

And people like me, very much. Much more than people think.

In General, in our country there are a number of “exchange” errors. One of them are definitely imposed jingoistic propaganda. Now, as a few years ago, advocates got back from the online closets of old pictures. For example, went hand in these days picture: rustic cellar full of cans of jam and pickle, with a pair of vegetable marrows, a huge pumpkin, and the signature “Spat Alex Baba on your sanctions”.

Well, first, I tried to be advocates themselves to reach nine cold months on pickles, zucchini and pumpkin. Second, dark Shura woman living in a political and economic vacuum, is a primeval myth. How is a myth and the assertion that the exchange rate follows only a handful of snickering Muscovites.

In fact, many women Suir, Newry, man watching Euro and even dollar. Specific example: I live in a village in the Leningrad region. Not so close to St Petersburg, rather — on the border with Novgorod. The village is small, but a few pensioners from the local community go to the sea abroad: Turkey, Egypt, Spain. Another old woman is often in Latvia. The rest go to Europe constantly kids and even grannies 80 years vividly discussing the Euro, because it is a leap into a specific deterioration of life for their children and grandchildren. Not some abstract notions of duty, honor and country, and a specific loss: the granddaughter was going on a honeymoon to Spain, and went only in Komarovo, because in Spain after the jump of course money is not enough. The grandson dreamed about a vacation in Switzerland, and reached Latvia. The son promised to bring from Finland garden swing and three pounds of cheese, and brought only two kilos and there are no swings, because there is no money. Such stories in a single one of our village with 20 houses are filled. A few old women, local residents, and the summer resident noticed if you do not know exactly the value of the Euro, it is always in General aware of dynamics of its course. And when they read about the rise of the Euro on four rubles, then automatically take it as his misfortune. And those who fly to Thailand or Turkey, also for a dollar watch.

And these travelers a lot. Moreover, there are not only among the privileged retirees. For example, the old woman raised a pig, slaughtered in the fall and flew to Turkey. The other grandma has collected the honey from the apiary in the back yard and went on a cruise to Scandinavia. The teacher of the village school nine-year-olds with the holiday I went to Tallinn real stories of ordinary people.

Periodically on the Internet write that passports have only 10-20% of Russians. This is not true: today, the passport is available 30% of our citizens. It’s a bit, of course, but not very small. Especially when you consider that among Muscovites the share of “passport” — 56%. Data for Petersburg is not found, but I think that we have such people even more.

There are more interesting statistics: 39% of Russian students and students of technical schools and colleges have a passport. I believe that certification in Moscow and St. Petersburg students and is committed to absolute value. And it is quite interesting: open visa to another country is, every fifth Muscovite and almost one in ten Russians.

People may not see the connection between the jump in the exchange rate and inflation. The teacher can really not understand why laptops have risen in price twice, and the village lady did not attribute the rise in electromusic for mushrooms with the fall of the ruble. People in the mass, not very strong mind to such complex tasks is not adapted. But he sees how much him or his friends of complete rest. If visas are in the passports of 9%, according to their relatives, we get at least 50% of the population, directly or indirectly, interested in a stable ruble exchange rate, as either they or their family members go abroad.

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Dissatisfaction with the collapse of the national currency much broader and deeper than to say aloud. Discontent among the people is very strong. And this is an important observation which usually for some reason ignored: the ruble applies not only to residents of the Boulevard ring. Is their something he is just not interested — they are for 200 rubles, euros can buy. But Russia is still a lot of ordinary people who travel abroad.

The money from the Russians today is almost gone, but they still travel. In 2017, the trips abroad were about a quarter more than in 2016. the Number of trips outside the CIS is growing, while travel is becoming more expensive, and real incomes are not increasing. Just to many categories of people travelling and holidays abroad have now become a compulsory part of a comfortable life. So required that’s why people sacrifice something else.

When the ruble collapsed in 2014, we were immediately followed by a sharp decline in the number of travelers — people hiding, waiting. When they saw that the radical improvement of the ruble does not occur, again went abroad. But — here’s my version — began to travel not on the current surplus and savings, which of course was quickly eaten. We live in a record for the 2000s and 2010s years time, when people actually ran out of all savings. They simply do not.

What is a trip abroad? Still this kind of product over-consumption. When a person has satisfied the basic needs, he goes to see the world. Russia has formed a unique stratum of people for whom travel abroad have become a basic need. Because after a heavy Soviet past and in the face of obrazovavshegosya already in General terms the future of the Soviet departure in developed countries is a fundamental value, which is fundamentally important.

People travel today in Europe for the last. In the literal sense. Save on everything. Who had stayed in hotels and ate in restaurants, have not ceased to go to Paris, Milan or Berlin — just now they live in hostels and eat in sebabnya.

And those who stayed in hostels, now spends the night in campgrounds. Who brought from France a suitcase of gifts, is now limited to the magnets. Those who bought in Finland home cheese truck, now buys a third of the truck. Those accustomed to the Finnish cheese for 15 euros/kg, now takes the cheese for five.

In the spring I went to Finland on a tourist bus for one day. People used to come all the way from Petersburg to recruit the Finns food and “skate” visa, you have to note the stamp on the country visit to then with a light heart, fly on the Finnish visa somewhere in Italy. However, in my bus, more than half of the passengers are nothing in Finland is not bought or carried out very little. When I asked what was the matter, they honestly replied that no money. They have a Schengen visa is 750 rubles for a day trip there and back. They are not going to fly then neither in Milan nor in Paris, but just go for a day to ensure his right to travel abroad.

For example, I spend traveling almost the last money. You could buy something for the house and farm, but I prefer to take the child abroad. Because then suddenly not work? I have a small child, and I worry that her child will be like mine, restricted to travel abroad. So I take her and I drive the car on a journey through Finland, Estonia, Latvia where you can drive. I want her to see that there are in the world, other people, other languages that there are countries where do not litter, and where clean up after themselves, where no homeless animals and each other smiling. And many, many people today are at least accustomed to travel St. Petersburg on Europe spend the money.

Actually, I wonder why there is such a statistics on the number of trips. The FSB reported that in 2017 the Russians have made almost 30 million trips to the countries “far” abroad, that is not in the CIS. Plus you have to add a certain percentage of those who travelled to Europe through Belarus or Ukraine. It’s quite the impressive number. The main growth was achieved due to travel to Turkey. But, for example, the flow of tourists to the Czech Republic and Austria grew last year by 36%, in Italy by 26%. Where people get travel money, I don’t understand. And I don’t understand why in Europe these people are seen.

The traditional “Russian” places are now empty. I recently drove the car to Finland on Sunday evening, from there to Russia did not return, although early tube leaving after the weekend from Finland stretched literally for hundreds of kilometers.

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In a huge store Disas Fish in Hamina on Monday there was some unnatural emptiness. No one at all. Only for an hour customers have become my daughter, came back to the bathroom. But this chain of stores exclusively for the Russian, they are opened along the border to serve our tourists. But no tourists. Although officially the number of tourists to the Finns grew 15% over last year. Probably people just stopped to shop and go to watch Europe.

In Latvia the lost coast Russian. Resort Jurmala, Saulkrasti almost ceased to speak in Russian, in the best case there now the rest of the Latvian Russian. And the statistics of the FSB tells us that in 2017 and Latvia began to travel more. So, go, but sitting in their hostels, hotels: if the person has no money at cafes and concerts, you can’t see it.

Who still goes abroad, he behaves in spending modest. And now rides mainly in the near abroad, which for Russia are Finland, Estonia, Poland — the leaders of outbound tourism after Turkey and Abkhazia. Continue to go expensive because only the price of gasoline. To go in General was expensive, but people go. And this is another fact that officialdom ignores — people in Russia are not actually ready to travel. For many Russians travel abroad, I repeat, is a fundamental value.

And the third bitter fact is that to travel is pushing our inflation. Yes! In Russia, very expensive food and housing. More than in most countries of Eastern Europe. Even with the collapse of the ruble Poland or Lithuania for Russians today is cheaper than Russia itself. When we got the Euro was 40 rubles, milk in Russia was worth 35 rubles, and in Poland or Latvia — 20 rubles in terms of our money. Now the Euro is worth almost 80, milk in Estonia or Poland in relation to the currency which we also dipped in terms of rubles is already costing us 40 rubles. However, the fact that it is now worth fifty. This fact makes trips to Eastern Europe, which all, except the Czech Republic, Slovenia and perhaps Croatia, Russia, cheaper, not too unprofitable. Actually traveling to these countries, the Russians are spending money on travel and hotels. If someone goes, for example, for three months and takes shelter somewhere in Warsaw, freeing his rented apartment in St. Petersburg, he even wins. And in 2013, people in General was profitable, and without abandoning his apartment to spend the winter… no, not in Goa or Thailand and in Poland, Latvia, Estonia. And many did so.

Travel to Europe has long ceased to be Russia some elitist entertainment. All the most politically and socially active Western part of the country visited and wants to continue to go there. This part of the population, these in the amount of tens of millions of people from Okolovsky and St. Petersburg, the middle class of other Russian cities, there is great anger. Because the opportunity to travel abroad is equivalent to the right to leave the country.

Many people do not believe that in the XXI century it is possible to make a closed such a huge and Western oriented country like Russia. So easily! And it’s not necessary to take passport or make crazy laws on the prohibition of the dollar — is sufficient to release rate.

With the dollar at 90 rubles and euros for 100 to leave Russia, only the wealthiest. All the country will be closed!

We will stay here, not the hostages, not as fodder.

The next time you jump in the currency we are told that the price of the dollar and the Euro only care about liberals snickering, and all the rest, including the top of the ruling party, Patriotic relaxing at home, do not believe — from Russia each year travel abroad tens of millions of people. Along with their kinsfolk of the victims typed at least a hundred million. People who not just carry the fallen on them because of the collapse of the ruble inflation burden — they are suffering from depreciation of their money abroad. Baba Shura with zucchini in a vacuum lives: she has children and grandchildren. Who have less than my grandma to help, because the Cup of coffee in the European cafes have become twice as expensive.

The Russians — the people who just discovered the big world. A lot of people in our country probably will be less there than refuse to travel abroad. Stop pretending we don’t exist. Of us for whom the option of leaving is one of the most important values in the tens of millions. And the collapse of the ruble means for us not only the impoverishment, but the closure of borders. It’s simple: from Euro 100 rubles Russia will be a closed country. And the dollar here is of no importance: for Russians today freedom is not measured right to travel freely in Turkey or China, and the opportunity to travel to Europe.

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